10 essential Hair oils for quick growth


We usually use hair oil after washing or after getting our hair done. But its advisable to use oil even before washing and after of course. Sometimes we don’t even apply oil after getting hair done which lead to dryness that can easily damage our hair. The type of oil we use before washing should be the kind that easily reach the skin through. These kinds aren’t advised to stay on our head for more than 2 or 3 hours. 

1.Shia butter 

This type of oil is suitable for African hair. It relaxes and smoothens the hair. Shia butter is rich with proteins and viramins. Hence it relaxes our hair, enriches our scalp and helps our fair grow fast. Using this oil frequently makes our scalp clear and dandruff free. For already damaged hair, Shia butter helps grow it back. It is used like applying traditional butter. Let it do its magic for 2-3 hours by covering it up with a plastic bag, then wash it off. It can also mixed up with avocado. 

2. Avocado 

Avocado, on top of being a delicious food, it can be very helpful for hair growth. Avocado can be used mixed with egg and “hina”. It helps our hair to not fall off and have an oily appearance. Avocado is rich with protein and oil, which is why it is perfect for curing dandruff and keeping our hair shiny. It is best of avocado oil is used before washing our hair. Apply on your hair and scalp carefully. Then massage our hair. Before washing, cover your hair up for 2 hours. 

3. Olive oil 

Olive oil is suitable for dry and kinky hair. It can easily penetrate our hair and reach our scalp. Its fatty nature is good for dry heair and its anti-oxidant character prevents dandruff and fungus. It can also prevent you from growing grey hair from a young age. Apply a warm olive oil on your scalp and massage it before washing. It wakens up the cells in our head which could make our hair grow. You should leave Olive oil on your hair for more than 3 hours. 

4. Cocoa oil

Its known for its hair growing capacity. It also heals damaged hair. Cocoa oil is better when used before washing. It can me mixed with egg or avocado when applying. Cover it up for 2-3 hours before washing. To make our cells wake up, use a moderately warm oil and massage it well on your hair and head. It will make your hair thick and shiny. 

5. Caster oil

Cater oil makes our hair grow 3 times as fast. Its capacity to penetrate and loosen the hair is high. Cater oil is usually referred as anti aging oil, because it reactivates or cells. Use it just like olive oil. 


6. Argan oil

Argan oil is rich with vitamin E, and it is one of the top choices for proper hair care. Its used to regrow damaged hair. Aragn oil is used after washing the hair. Lightly apply Argan oil and get your hair done. After that, use the oil every 3/4 days. 

7. Tea tree oil

Its is reach with anti-bacterial nutrients, so it can prevent infections. If you want a thick hair that doesn’t fall off, tea tree should be your choice. After washing your hair use a small amount of tea tree on your hair. The main use of tee tree is for our scalp, so you don’t have too apply it to your hair. 

8. Almond oil

Almond oil is usually preferred for think hair. Because it is rich with protein and vitamin E, it helps our hair gain its thickness back. In addition, its used for scalp and facial skin care. Because it serves as a disinfectant, it will prevent the hair from infections that keep it from growing out. Almond should be used after washing the hair. After the hear is made, we should use almond oil at least twice a week. 

9. Aloe oil

Aloe is use after washing the hair. Its usually used for freezing the hair, heal damaged hair, and thicken the hair. Just like ordinary oil use it before you get your hair done or after. But make sure to use it al least twice a week. 

10. Vitamin E oil

It is one of the most important oils for the growth of our hair. Also prevents dandruff. Use vitamin E oil right after washing you hair. 

The hair should never be left dry for too long.


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