10 handsome and seductive movie stars In Ethiopia


On todays 10 best thing we have presented the top 10 handsome, glamorous and seductive male movie stars from our country. Beside this we will also explore the good and bad effect it has on the personal lives of these gentlemen. In the movie industry beside the good acting ability a perfect and beautiful body composition is an important factor in order to be successful seen from the experience in the industry worldwide. To prove this, from Hollywood Tom Cruz, DiCaprio, and for Bollywood sharuk khan Amir can be mentioned.  Coming to our country in the movie industry those with the seductive body composition have been catching eyes. Today from these seductive actors we will place once as the top and share the reason with it. 

The artist placed No. 10 on the best 10s is the popular,  Bezu Tsegaye. Even though this handsome man is a businessman on the acting work he does it on his part time and he has gained huge popularity. Bezu Tsegaye owns a butchery shop as his main job. He is categorized among the stylish artists. Ruomer has it he despises dirt to the extreme level. He doesn’t eat raw meet unless washed with gas water it is also said he washes his hands more than a hundred times a day. We couldn’t find much about his love life and we would appreciate it if those of you who knows to share it with us. This artist has gained love and affections from viewers and is placed on the 10th place. As for us we are wowed for his style and his beautiful gray hair.

9th place: Daniel Tegegn: while the handsome Dani played the character of Dr. Misiker on ‘Gemena’ drama he was able to catch the many eyes of young ladies, he has played the lead roles on so many movies as well. He is known for having a freeze hair style and many girls asked has said his freeze hair style and his eyes are among the beautiful features he has. Let’s not remember he was wedded soon 

8th place: Mohammed Miftah: with his full face and seemingly having a face of a comfortably leaded life has made him lovable among the ladies. Even though many are not much satisfied with his acting skills his calmness and serious conversations has gained him the seductive label. And here is a secret even if we don’t know of his girlfriends he is not officially married so trying won’t hurt, oh did I say try I am only joking.

7th Tariku Birhanu aka baba: on his film laundry boy his good acting and lovable character is still mentioned by many. Tariku baba has gained the 7th place of the top 10 by the ladies we interviewed. as you all know his wife is the famous actress Kalkidan.

6th. Isam Habesha: known for playing an innocent, loved by the ladies, winner and a gentleman characters has made it obvious he loves Indian actors. On his works he seems to be a fan of Sharuks and Amirs works. Even though he is a married man with kids it is still said he an interest by many. He is ranked 6th


5th. Henok Wondimu: with his built body he has gained many lady fans. We remember him with his recent work “Somalew Vandam”. The ladies say we like his smile and slang talks. These ladies say if he is the guy on his characters we would love to date him. 

4th Ermias Tadesse: The girls interviewed for this segment mostly chose this person by the innocent vibe this actor gives. Here we ask, is innocence related with love?? Ermias is born in Adama and is widely known for working on “Fikeren Laden”, “Alabedkum” and many more he was able to gain big love. He is loved for his character to be innocent, hurt by love and his straight nose and catchy looks.  We have ranked him 4th.

3rd the guys we are going to name next are going to confuse you but is a choice of the ladies. Solomon Muhe: this artist on many of his movies he plays a role relating to love or about love. You might not find might difference in his acting on his different movies as well. His looks are well made for his characters. We have observed he is most liked by ladies around the age of 30 and who are ready for marriage. Most of the women interviewed have said they like his way of talking, his smirky smile and walk. The number of votes has ranked him number 3 on the best 10.

2nd: Solomon Bogale. Fans of this artist are two types those who loves him in competing and there is no one like him. He is known to play the good guy on many moves and series. He is also praised for his amazing acting skills. This artist on his appearances on interviews he is mostly crying or fighting a cry have acquired him the comment that he is a caring, innocent and kind adding they appreciate such guys for love. Coming to his love life he has kids but is peacefully divorced.

1st. Girum Ermias: his seductiveness is not based on his movie tittle the seductive but due to the audience vote. Yet we still asked what is it about Girum that is sexy? Here are the answers he is a gentleman, calm, reserved smile and his entire look is attractive. We too have placed him on the number one rank.

Dears you might say no one can say he is a beauty he is not but this is a requirement on this industry also beauty differs for everyone so your ranking might differ as well.


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