4 mistakes that husbands make


These lists are collected from books and life experiences that most husbands claim they have done to destroy their marriage life. Mostly driven by egoic sense. These are not subjective points of view. These lists are what make them common and widely claimed. As we can make a living out of a role model, we can also learn to form this list.

1.Being reckless or careless, these are one of the most used terms when explaining why one’s marriage failed. It comes and goes with many forms but one of the main ones is; what one does and wears would be regarded as careless and the other being not being engaged in their partner’s life. Men blinded by their egoistic comfort, that they are already married and that is all that is needed, they disengage from what is called from transparency, carrying, and comfort to one another. Women love men who show them genuine compassion and love.

2.One-sided romance, this very topic could have been included in the former, but it has its own scope to be seen. Men admit that they haven’t paid close attention to their partner’s feelings and emotions towards sex. When a woman talks about a romantic scene on a movie or wants to eat out and spend a good time, they mean they want to relive the good times that they had when you guys met. It means she wants to spend some time with you, so remember to pay close attention to what she is saying.


3.Unbalanced responsibility, most after their wreckage of marriage they speak of the unbalanced responsibility that they load over their wife. The stereotype that our country is living in mostly favors to men. But the world has come to a point of believing that both have equal values but husbands seem to overload responsibilities on their wives.

4.Transparency, men mostly avoid being transparent to their wife because it is not considered mainly because of the social conventions that the society run on. So, husbands find a way to take that feeling to aggression and say whatever comes to their brain. Or if aggression seems somewhat bad to the husband, he tries to hide by getting drunk. Either way, since women are sensitive and close to reading senses they hurt deeply, even though it doesn’t seem like that to the husband.


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