7 disadvantages of being unfaithful

7 disadvantages of being unfaithful
Everybody knows being unfaithful is wrong but nobody plans to do it at first. It starts out with simple conversations, flirtations and laughter and eventually ends up wrecking relationships and families. Marriage is supposed to be a never ending partnership of communication and when that partnership is under pressure, people start looking for that happiness and satisfaction elsewhere. Here are the seven disadvantages of cheating.
Depression: when the truth comes out eventually, it will cause depression on you and especially on your significant other. Your spouse or partner will drown in self-loathing and self-doubt. They will never be able to trust someone else after that.
It would all be for nothing: you will lose the relationship that you had built up to that point as only a few people forgive this offense. The fate of your relationship will be in your partner’s hands and you will not be able to do anything about it.
Revenge: from the hurt and anger, the feeling of vengefulness may arise in your partner. They may gossip. In worst cases, revenge may lead to violence or even murder as people rarely control their actions while they are enraged.
You will never be trusted again: even if your partner is able to forgive you, they will never be able to trust you as they would want to crosscheck everything that you say. If you get separated, your mistake will never enable to trust others.
Your reputation will be destroyed: you will be known as the person who cheated. People will lose their respect and you will be the laughing stock of your community.
Divorce or separation: only a few people can forgive unfaithfulness and many end up getting divorced. Children from divorced families tend to never trust people as the people they looked up to betrayed them. They will give up on happiness and hurt themselves and others. The divorce will also affect everyone in your life who had faith in your relationship.
Anxiety and uncertainty: your significant other will have anxiety when it comes to decisions concerning workplace, friendships and relationships. They assume the worst in others because the one they trusted above all has betrayed them.


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