8 Food types that could cause kidney disease


The main function of the kidney is to filter impurities and toxic materials and remove them in the form of urine from the body. According to World Health Organization our kidney purifies around 200 liters of blood and removes 2 liters of waste per day. Our kidney plays a vital role for our organs to function properly, so the type of food we intake has a maximum impact on it. Here are the food types that could gradually cause kidney disease. 


  • Red meat: red meat is a good protein source. However consuming red meat too often could cause serious health issues. It takes the kidney long amounts of time to filter the animal fat that goes in to the body and therefore leads to the accumulation of acids that are harmful to the body. 
  • Alcohol: the kidney faces the same issues with alcohol as it does with red meat. Consuming too much alcohol creates dehydration which causes the organs not to function properly and gradually affects the function of the kidneys as well. 
  • Salt: our body requires small amounts of sodium to balance fluids in the body. However, high intake of sugar causes large amounts of protein to be removed from the body via urine and causes dehydration. It is recommended that we take no greater than 6 grams or one teaspoon of salt and give our children no greater than 2 grams of salt per day. 
  • Caffeine: even though caffeine helps us to stay awake and alert, consuming too much of it could cause kidney disease. When there is caffeine present in our body, our kidney is strained more than usual to purify our blood. 
  • Sugar: it has been stated and proved many times over that salt is unhealthy for the body especially for the kidneys. It is recommended that we completely remove artificial sugars from our diets and limit our consumption of natural sugars. 
  • Dairy products: dairy products are good source for calcium so consuming them from time to time is quite healthy. However too much consumption of dairy products leads to the presence of too much calcium in the urine which leads to the formation of kidney stones.
  • Soda and energy drinks: soda and energy drinks contain harmful substances like sugar, caffeine and artificial sweeteners. It is important to completely quit consuming such drinks for the sake of our health.
  • Genetically modified foods (GMOs): GMOs are artificially and genetically modified foods that contain a lot of chemicals and lost their naturalness. It is best to avoid such food types for they gradually result in major health issues like kidney disease.

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