8 Major Symptoms of Diabetes


Diabetes may be hereditary yet it is mainly caused when adopting an unhealthy diet. The consumption of heavy sugared meals and alcohol are major factors in increasing the sugar level present in the body and might subject one to nerve related diseases’, proper visual disfunction and kidney failure. And when it gets at its worse its results stroke and heart failure. In order to avoid this, we can take eight couscous measurements.

  1. Vibration sensation: this is a feeling similar to getting an electric shock. When the sugar level increase it affects the blood flow on the body and due to this a tingling and vibration sensation is seen.
  2. Itching sensation: this feeling occurs on many diabetes patients. If on is noticing such signs it should not be neglected at all.
  3. If wounds take long to heal: this is a symptom often seen as well and is due to the blood flow in the body decreases extremely. also, the high sugar level causes a lack of disease resistivity for the patient to assist the healing process as well preventing other diseases. 
  4. Bruises:  this warning sigh is seen when one is affected by this disease. This bruise occurs for no reason what so ever. 
  5. Tiredness: an affected person is seen with a regular tiredness feeling. This maybe because there is an effect on the kidney du to its constant attempt to clean the sugar found in the blood.
  6. Uncontrollable thirst and food craving: this are a sign caused because our body is not able to uniformly transfer the sugar amount over the body hence one’s cell is not getting enough energy and increases craving. The other cause is when the kidney tries to remove the sugar by urination and high level if fluid is removed from the body. Due to this dehydration is caused and the body craves for high amount of water. 
  7. Weight loss: this is caused because the body is unable to balance the sugar level in blood over the whole body and due to this it is forced to use the fat presented in the body. 
  8. Visual quality reduction: the increase in sugar amount affects the blood vessels found around the eyes in return affecting the eye sight. The occurring of blurring, visual eclipse and headaches are ways to measure and identify this problem.

This are major symptoms that mustn’t be neglected at all means. And if seen one must be sure to take a medical advice or visit is recommended.


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