Abreha Desta claimed the TPLF has declared war against his party


As of July 1st, people from 54 countries have been allowed to travel to the EU countries. This will change depending on the response and lifted restrictions as the result of the pandemic. Ethiopia is one of the 11 African countries and it seems that the Ethiopian airlines will reign on the African aviation scene.

A debate was hosted by Aljazeera with participants representing Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan on the current issue of the Grand Renaissance Dam. The Ethiopian debater explained how Ethiopia had been transparent about the dam’s design and construction and it extended the period for the filling from 4 to 7 years. The Egyptian debater explained how Ethiopia is not adhering to colonial treaties and how 90% of the issues could have been solved through the Washington agreement Ethiopia refused to sign.

Senators request that USA does not involve in the Grand Renaissance Dam issues. The senators who issued this request stated that the dam only means to eradicate poverty and the US must help restore the security in the region through diplomacy. The three countries only require a just and reasonable solution.

Abreha Desta claimed the TPLF has declared war against his party as it gave out orders for his party’s members to be jailed and executed. Officials in the region are setting meetings to publicly call out and shame Ethiopian Prosperity Party members and their families, making outrageous demands to “shame, chase and if necessary, kill them”.


Document is being prepared for discussion with opposition parties in Tigray regarding the election. The first named “election and election ethics” has 130 articles while the second one is about the formation of the electoral commission and the power it holds. It contains 33 articles written in 27 pages.

World Bank holds off emergency aid of 500 million from Ethiopia. The aid has been blocked by higher officials of the World Bank who has set forth two reasons; however, it is suspected that it was to put pressure on Ethiopia on the issue of the dam.

Iranian government issued an arrest warrant on President Donald Trump. Iran demanded justice from Interpol for the death of General Kasseim Souleimani on Trump and 30 individuals who were involved in the tragedy.


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