An act of kindness


An act of kindness;

America, Kansas City was where the story happened. Sara Darling was going home formwork. On her way home she found a homeless person begging on the street. And out of kindness and happiness, she opened her purse and put money on his jar.

It was a happy moment for her. She got engaged to her fiancé and are on the way to get married within days. Little did she know she accidentally put her 6000$ worth platinum ring in the jar when she was giving to the homeless person. Not knowing that she went to her home and just before she went to bed, she wanted to see her ring one last time.

She started searching for her purse and started looking everywhere, nowhere to be found. At that time, she remembered that she has accidentally slipped her ring with the money when she was giving money to that homeless person. And so, she decided to go and check if he was there and ask him if he had seen a ring. But it was late so she waited till morning and went with her fiancé to check.


So, they started looking for the man, but he wasn’t there. Her fiancé was sure that he wouldn’t be there. He told her that, what kind of homeless person wouldn’t change his life with it. He told her to stop looking for him. The next morning, they went to the place where she gave him and he wasn’t there. Tiered of this pointless act her fiancé asked her to stop and just move on. But she asked him for one more day and after that, she promised him that she will stop.

And morning came, they went to the place and there he was. She was scared and happy at the same time. She was scared that he wouldn’t remember her and tell her that he hasn’t seen a thing. Despite her feelings and thought, she asked the homeless man if he remembers her. and he said no. she did not stop there so she started to tell him the day they mate that she gave him money and slipped something by mistake. And he then asked if the thing was a ring and reached out to his pocket and gave her the ring. He said, “although it was tempting to sell it and change my life, it wouldn’t be fair to betray a lady who tried to help me”.

And so it started. They took a picture of him giving her the ring and how he found it. The whole state started to donate money. they helped him get a house and have a considerable amount of retirement money.

His name is, Billy Ray Harris


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