Bad habits for your back and home remedies.


If you are wondering about why you are suffering from back pain and want to know how to get a relife this article is for you.

Lets see some of the causes of back pain and there remedies:

1. Sitting with locked legs.

This is a common habbit for most of us. When we sit with our legs locked to one another the bony structures of our back get distorted and the blood supply to our glutal area will decrease significantly leading to a condition called varicose vein. So avoiding this habit will improve back pain.

While doing our work while  standing or sitting if we keep our neck bent for a long duration it leads to the weakening of our spinal muscles which causes upper back and neck pain so its important to take a break by straightening your neck. Even when you are walking you shouldnt bend your neck for long rather you should practice waking with straight neck so that you dont get back pain. Its also important to use a chair with proper lumbar support.

When you sleep with your face down there will be an increase load to your spine leading to back pain. Associated with this we often twist our head while sleeping in this position which is associated with low energy in the morning and neck pain. So its advisable to sleep with your sides.

Wearing shoes with high heals, small for your feet and distorted ones leads to loss of balance in your spine and causes lower back pain. So wearing more comfortable shoes is very important specially if you are planing to travel a long distance by foot.

5. Obesity


In addition to the several medical conditions it causes being over wight also leads to back and joint pain. Obesity is often associated with lower back pain. So keeping our body in fine shape by adjusing our life style and exercising is an important way of keeping your backs health.

6. Inappropriate mattress

Sleeping in thin mattresses leads to bad arrangement of our vertebral bones which further leads to increased tension in the vertebral muscles which causes back pain. So using a thick and comfertable mattresses is essential for your back health.

Carrying bags which are big and carried on one side leads to more work on one side of our body which results in loss balance of our vertebrae. which is another cause of back pain so avoiding usage of larg bags and using hand bags is preferable for your back health.

8. Laptops and smart phones

In the 21st century there is an increased usage of this devices resulting in an increased incidence of back pain. Talking with your phone between your head and shoulder is very bad for your neck and back. So instade of doing that its better to use wirless earphones to talk over the phone while doing other things. The other problem is placing your laptop in your laps this is also bad for your back so you should use your dining table as a stand instead.

Most of us don’t think smoking hookah is that bad. But studies ahow that its even worse than cigarettes. Smoking this two dont just cause respiratory problems i causes many other conditions. For example the nicotine in cigarettes leads to back pain by narrowing of blood vessels in the vertebral arteries and decreasing calcium absorption in vertebral bones. So its better to stope smoking cigarette and hookah for the sake of your backs health. The other causes for back pain include traumas, tumors, accidents… etc. So applying the above mentioned precautions and making sure you see your doctor for more severe conditions is very helpful for reliving and avoiding back pain.


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