Breaking news about the new Ethiopian traditional drug for COVID-19 and more


there has been news about a new traditional drug that in the process of a drug trial. Today there was a conference between the misery of health, misery of tourism and culture, ministry of science and higher education, and other scholars. In the conference, the ministry of culture and tourism dr Hirut kassaw said that the 58 drugs that are previously announced to be in the process of being produced are still in production. This dug can be used to prevent and treat the disease. The drugs are being prepared to be administered in four forms this forms being pills, inhalational, ointment, and smokable. The Doctor also stated that an agreement paper has been signed with the innovation ministry and the African pan African animal and disease center to further the study on the COVID-19 drugs.

A person released from quarantine by mistake.

IIn Ethiopia, Oromoya, west welega, mendi city a mistake made by on health center leads to the hold-up and possible infection of several hundred people. The person was told to be free of COVID and released from quarantine only to be told that the test result he received was not his and he has the infection several days later.


high-level officials of Italy including the pm Giuseppe Conte are going to be prosecuted

The prosecution is planed by attorneys from the Italian state Lombard. These attorneys represent 50 families that have been affected by COVID infection and the claim to they are not after any money, they rather want Justice for the clumsiness shown by clumsiness government in preventing COVID 19. There hasn’t been any response given by the pm on the matter as of now.

The final news is that several of America’s law enforcement agents have been infected with the coronavirus. This happens after these agents have been busy in regulating demonstrations that were held last week because of Floyds brutal killing by police officer.


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