Comments made about resignation of W/ro Keria


AAU professor of human rights and federalism, Dr. Sisay Mengiste deemed W/ro Keria’s time at the Council of Federation as controversial as she did not make sound decisions regarding regional borders and identity. This resignation shows the dawn of the TPLF as it comes closer to its end.

WHO thanks UAE for equipment donation

Dr. Tewdros Adhanom expresses gratitude over donation of around 500,000 testing kits by the UAE. The WHO director Dr. Tewdros thanked the crown prince of the UAE for the donation that is worth almost 10 million dollars.

Cancellation of debts for Merchants

Following the impact of the pandemic on the economy, the government announced that it would cancel debts of merchants to revive it. For debts before 2015, merchants will be relieved of tax and interest. For debts from 2016 up to 2019, the government placed to options. 1, 10% decrease in the amount paid and exemption from penalty payments and interests if the individuals are willing to pay the entire tax. 2, individuals must pay 25% and sign a contract to finish the rest within a year to be exempted from penalty payments and interests.

Many trading business owners expressed anger over after paying 25% and preparing for the contracts they were told that they had not informed of the amount of debt they were in to the ministry earlier. The ministry of revenues stated that it has not worked outside regulations and merchants who were not able to come forth on time will be served as regular tax payers.


New Zealand is free from the Coronavirus

New Zealand has claimed victory over the pandemic as it has not reported any new cases in the country for 17 days. The last restrictions of movement have been lifted but borders will remain closed.

Sudan to double electricity purchase from Ethiopia

Sudan has announced that it plans to double the amount of electric power purchased from Ethiopia. The Sudanese Ministry of Energy stated that the amount will reach to 200MW daily. Technical checkups had been done on electric lines between Ethiopia and Sudan and are almost complete.

Guerillas formed to overtake the government are deemed backward by the ONP and people have grown wary.


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