Daughter of Dr. Ambachew speaks out after statement


“I wrote this not only as the daughter of Dr. Ambachew but as Amhara Ethiopian whose country’s current situation concerns her. There are those of you who are trying to put Dr. Ambachew in to some type of category on facebook or social media. Dr. Ambachew is the result of education, experience and hard work. You ignorant people, the only response that you could conjure up to someone who is better than you by knowledge and experience is to ready your weapons. How many of you know that Dr. Ambachew and Tesfaye Getachew were fighting alone? How many of you know that even in the days of PM Meles Zenawi, Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen was the only one who stood his ground when it came to the matter of the Amhara people? You came out of nowhere and screamed “Amhara” today. You should know that you are walking along the path he had paved. This leader who fought not only for the Amhara ethnicity but for the whole Ethiopia as well, was slandered by someone who just enjoyed being in the spotlight.


Ever since June 21, 2019 the Amhara journey has taken a step back. We have lost someone who soothes violence through logic and thinking, someone who teaches that even though we have differences we could still walk on a path to greatness, by some ignorant youths whom he looked after. The more embarrassing fact is that they are trying to hide amongst the society even though they would never look back on it if they got what they wanted. The Gojjam and Gondar people have lived in peace and these youths are trying to disturb that peace. Rise up people of Gonder and Gojjam; let us not be quiet while they are trying to tear us apart.

Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen never looks away on regional or national matters; he always speaks his mind. That is because he knows what he is responsible for and he knows his innocence. But the others never speak up for one way or another they have dirt on them. How could one who is not free, is capable of freeing others? They don’t know what responsibility is; their language is weapons, their speech is corruption and their income is theft so they cannot stand alongside Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen.”

“And now I write as the daughter of Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen. Do not try to justify your means in the name of the Gojjam people. Do not try to convince us they we don’t have people in the land that we were raised in. we know that the entire Gojjam people is with us. Dr. Ambachew’s blood is not only pure; it is sacred. We only expect justice from God for we knew that the statement held nothing but nonsense. It will not be far before everyone gets what they deserve and we will all be a witness to that very soon. I only pray to God that he spares the innocent and punishes the wicked. Amen!


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