Do you know on which days could pregnancy occur?


The exact days on which pregnancy could occur are ovulation days. Ovulation occurs around the fourteenth day from the day menstruation has started. So a woman has the highest chance of getting pregnant from the 8th to the 10th day since her menstruation had started. But it depends on the duration of the cycles. If a woman has longer cycle duration it could take longer for ovulation to start.  This calculation only works for women who have their periods every 28 days. 

Day 1 to 5 starts from the first day of menstruation and lasts through to the 5th day. Day 6 to 9 is the period of relative infertility. Day 10 to 12 is the period of relative fertility. Day 13 to 15 is the period on which pregnancy would occur most definitely. Day 16 to 19 is a relatively fertile period. Day 20 to 28 are the days on which pregnancy would not occur. Reminder, the real ovulation period is the time where the egg awaits ready for the sperm to fertilize it. It lasts for 24 hours. 

It is rumored that intercourse while menstruating cannot cause pregnancy. While it is highly unlikely, it cannot be assured that pregnancy would not completely occur during this time. 

Breastfeeding could be contraceptive but it only lasts for a few months. Although breastfeeding stops the production of eggs in the ovary, when the body returns to its former self the production continues. 

It is thought that the first sexual intercourse does not cause pregnancy. Yet that is no true. First time intercourses can cause pregnancy and therefore appropriate precautions must be taken. 

How effective are contraceptives? Contraceptives if used properly are effective more than 90 percent of the time. Abstinence is an undoubtedly the best option. While choosing contraceptives it is best to consult a doctor on what types are suitable and safe to use. 


There is a wrong belief that using two condoms during intercourse prevents pregnancy effectively. Unfortunately, this causes unnecessary friction and causes the tear of the condoms. 

It is best to start using monthly hormone pills on the first to the fifth day of menstruation. Otherwise, it is best to resort to other contraception methods like the condom. 

The only way to protect oneself from sexually transmitted infections or diseases is to use a condom. Other methods are not effective. 

Contraceptive pills have been observed to make users gain weight because they cause increase in appetite and store water weight in the body. 

Contraceptive pills do not cause infertility. 

Debates on abortion have two sides. The first side states that abortion is a woman’s right and should not be forbidden through law or access. The second side argues that the child also has a right to be born and abortion is murder. 

The dangers of having an abortion include: excess bleeding from the vagina, infection and damage to inner organs. It is advised that this should be done in legal clinics. If amateurs or unprofessional people perform this operation, if unclean utensils are used and if unnecessary medicines are taken the side effects of abortion shall take their toll. 


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