Ethiopia gets support from Black Congressional Caucus


Black Congressional Caucus has stated its support towards Ethiopia stating that the USA and EU are not important in the negotiation and this African issue must be resolved by Africans only. It stated three points.

1.The US must respect the negotiations among the three countries. It indirectly disapproves of the pressure and manipulation the country is trying to exert.

2.The caucus calls on AU to play a vital role in the negotiations.

3.The caucus recognizes the right to share the Nile fairly.

In additional news, the Arab league has supported Egypt and requests that Ethiopia postpones the filling of the dam. The UN Security Council however requested that the countries put aside their differences and work together to come to terms.

The new military strategy


It had been decided that the military is organized through four parts namely land, air, sea and cyber. The reformation enables the military to acquaint itself with new technological advancements and to be successful even with limited budget. The reformation had to take place because of the original rule book’s conflict with the constitution. The military aims to uphold the constitution and protect the people from forces that deny its sovereignty.

The reformed document has given hints on how to protect the country from threats posed by lower basin countries on the issue of the Grand Renaissance Dam. The military will be deployed only if war is the last resort and will be trained on ways to complete the war within a short time and successfully.

INSA has been leading the fight against threats posed by parties that want to drive the country into chaos by creating and sharing false information.

Addis Ababa’s light train transportation to undergo changes

The Addis Ababa light train transportation system is to undergo design changes. The city administration is making these changes based on the public opinion that the system has affected the city’s beauty negatively. The improvement will take place after the renovation construction of Meskel Square is completed.


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