Jawar and OFECO accuses Amnesty international


Jawar and OFECO accuses Amnesty international

Amnesty international was criticized by Jawar for not completely portraying the level of violence which had increased in 2020. Affected zones like Bale, Harerge, Shewa and Jimma have not been mentioned in the report. The arson, torture and arrest committed by the military have not been discussed.

Ethiopians are returning from Lebanon

323 Ethiopians have returned from Lebanon along with their children. The Ethiopian council in Lebanon has stated that in total 658 Ethiopians have returned to their homeland. They will be quarantined for 14 days up on arrival and their return to their communities will be overlooked by the council.

Hotels unfair to their employees have been identified

14 hotels that refused to pay their employees, cut their salaries and fired them have been identified. The organization overseeing this case has suggested tax reliefs or cancellation for the employees. The government, unlike other countries, has supported the hotel sector through the pandemic.


Rise in reported Coronavirus cases

95 new infections were discovered from 5,034 lab tests. 71 are male and 24 are female within the age range of 15 and 80. 56 of the new cases were found in Addis Ababa, 22 in Oromiya, 1 in Afar, 5 in Amhara, 3 in Tigray, 2 in Dire Dawa, 3 in Somali and 3 in Harari. 30 people have travel history and 4 had direct contact with infected people. 61 have had unknown contact. 11 people have recovered in the past 24 hours. 2 are from Tigray and 9 from Afar.

Support for vulnerable people in quarantine

The Bill gates foundation has funded the providing of supplies to around 1000 vulnerable people in self isolating neighborhoods. This initiative was taken by Engineer Takele Uma, the mayor of Addis Ababa.

Trump to cut ties with WHO

Accusations brought forth by the US president that the organization has misled the world and caused the death of thousands by the way it handled the pandemic brought the stop of funds from the US. He stated that the organization had not fulfilled the preconditions set forth by the US to investigate and reform its own structure. The US had been the largest contributor to the World Health Organization by donating around 450 million dollars per year.


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