Facts about Gastric Ulcer


Gastric ulcer is a disease caused when the inner wall is damaged by ulcer acid and enzymes. This disease is known for lasting a long period of time and occurring repeatedly on different period of times. the damage occurs between gastric and small intestine having a width of more that 5mm.

Causes for gastric ulcer: 

Since 1982 the main cause of this disease is known to be the gastric bacteria infection H. pylori.

In the developing countries around 80% of the youth population is affected by this bacteria but those subjected to gastric ulcer is much fewer people. The bacteria could be transmitted by the act of vomiting and stool removal. Other causes are known to be smocking cigarette worsens the ulcer further more. heavy intake of alcohol, stress are other major causes for gastric ulcer. Medication subscribed by doctors such aspirin, ibuprofen, diclofenac and steroids have the tendency to worsen and escalate the damage caused. Besides this factors it is said to be caused hereditarily

Gastric ulcer symptoms: 

There will be a burning sensation right above the belly button,this pain worsens if not have a proper meal and might be heal other wise. Many times the pain maybe caused with in 40minutes to 3 hours duration after meal. on some people the pain may worsen and causes insomnia. other symptoms include burbling, ulcer, nauseating and vomiting and decrease in apatite. unless getting a proper and early treatment it may cause ulcer bleeding.


Gastric ulcer tratment: 

The treatment is to eliminate the symptoms, to minimize occurrence of the pain and preventing form getting further worse. gastric ulcer in accordance to its damage level can be treated in the following ways 

  • taking anti acid pills
  • taking medication that minimizes the production of hydrochloric acid like omeprazole, esomeprazole, If the bacteria is proven to be there with the laboratory test taking this three medication is useful
  • amoxicillin 
  • Clarithromycin
  • omeprazole


if it is unable to treat with medications and the symptoms are grown to bleeding surgery is necessity Controlling with meal: Eventhough there is no scientific evidence specifying useful food  it is best to avoid using foods that worsens the ulcer like coffee, tea, spice and oil products. hence this are known to increase the production of ulcer acid.

Home care mechanisms:

  • fruits and vegetables 
  • constantly eating vitamin a and fiber foods 
  • eliminating stress, tension, depression,
  • Cigarette smoking,
  • alcohol drinking and other.

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