Five food types that are harmful to bones


It is important that to maintain the health of our bones we should eat foods that contain calcium. The 206 bones in our bodies stop growing in our childhood and teenage years. Even though it is important to maintain the health of our bones from childhood but special care and attention is needed after the age of thirty. That is because after we hit this age our bones start to slowly become weaker. The food we eat has a major effect on the strength of our bones. The food types listen below could harm our bones if taken frequently.


  • Salt: although small amounts of salt are required for good health, consumption of too much salt leads to many health issues including the deterioration of the bones. This happens because the amount of calcium that is vital for the strength of bones in the body decreases with the increased intake of salt as it causes the kidney to remove large amounts of calcium. 
  • Iron: foods that are rich in iron are very beneficial for our health. However, consuming too much iron prevents the body from absorbing calcium from the foods and therefore causes calcium deficiency.
  • Soft drinks: the phosphoric acid contained in soft drinks increases the amount of acid in the body. The body then uses its calcium to balance this excess acid and causes the bones to deteriorate gradually. What should be noticed is that soft drinks add no value to our health and body whatsoever so it is important to avoid them completely. 
  • Sugar: sugar has many negative effects on our health along with bone deterioration. It may be difficult to completely remove sugar from our diet but we could at least replace the artificial sugars with natural ones and limit our daily intakes. 
  • Caffeine: drinking too much tea, coffee and certain soft drinks prevents the body from absorbing calcium from the food we ate to the blood stream. This in turn causes deficiency of calcium in the bones and causes bone deterioration. For every 100 milligrams of caffeine we take we lose 6 milligrams of calcium. If we combine caffeine with sugar, it increases the chances of bone weakening twice over. We therefore must not take more than 400 milligrams of caffeine daily for it quickens the deterioration of the bones. 

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  1. every food we consume contains poison chemical but what matters is right dose. We have to know the right dose!