Foods that are not for a pregnant women

Ah! Being pregnant is tough. The ups and downs, the craving, the hormones and you name it. Going through nine months of roller-coaster to see the angelic smile on our beautiful baby’s face, which is worth Today ten of everything. But this article isn’t about that. Not yet anyways.  we will discuss the type of foods that are strictly forbidden for pregnant woman. I will point out them for you. 

  1. Raw Fish – Usually fishes with low mercury content are actually recommended for pregnant women as it contains omega fatty acid, Iron, Vitamin and Protein which play a great role in keeping the mother and the baby safe and sound while also improving their body health. On the contrary, it is strongly advised for a soon to be mom to consume fishes with large mercury content as it might mess and screw up with the brain development of the child and the nervous system and also cause other pregnancy problems which no one should go through. 
  2. Raw Egg – If it is cooked, egg is one of the meals that a soon to be mom should have the luxury of devouring as it is good for the health and contains protein, vitamin and minerals. But eating raw egg increases her chance of getting salmonella which added up to a pregnancy can cause different problems. 
  3. Raw Beans – If it is cooked then go for it. But if not then stay off of it since it might have salmonella, Ecoli and other bacteria. You might have noticed the pattern now. A pregnant woman should swear to stay away from raw foods. Actually everyone should do that since we are talking about health here. 
  4. Sugar and Sweets – We understand that during a craving period you might crave for anything even smelling soil which is not weird at all. But you need to be careful when it comes to sweets. As they might increase your sugar level and open the chance for different problems.
  5. Poorly cleaned Fruits and Vegetables – This is a problem for everyone. But on our case it is urgent as it might disrupt the peace and health of the mom and child. Wash it and wash it clean. Processed or Raw Meat – No! No! No! It is a big NO. This is one of the foods that are strongly advised against for pregnant women as it might contain undead bacteria. 
  6. Coffee – I am sorry ladies I totally get you. But just because you can’t use it doesn’t mean you can’t still gossip. I am serious though. It is known to cause many big problems that even go to the extent of unwanted and unexpected abortion.
  7. Alcohol –This is one of the things that pregnant women are advised to stop 100% during this period. Even the little concentration of alcohol can damage the brains and nerves of the child. Packed foods – It is not to use these kinds of foods during this period as they might have been stored at the shop for long and cause some sort or reaction. And some chemicals in the metal wrappings are known to increase the chances of abortion up to 80%. So don’t do it. Unpasteurized Milk and Milk products – Despite our custom and normal day to day way of getting milk to our homes, only pasteurized milk is recommended for a soon to be mom to consume. Otherwise, it will be increasing the chance of abortion or delivering baby early. 

These 10 aren’t the only foods that are advised against consumption for soon to be moms but it can give you a highlight for today. You are encouraged to do more research about it. You should also practice the habit of consuming home cooked fresh meals as they are healthy for the body. Stay Safe And Healthy ! 


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