German church allows Muslims to conduct Friday prayers


German church allows Muslims to conduct Friday prayers A church in German allowed Muslims that could not pray at their mosque due to social distancing to conduct their prayers within the church. German had allowed for religious ceremonies to be conducted whilst keeping asocial distance of 1.5meters. However, the Da’ar Salam mosque in Berlin did not have enough space for its worshippers. Therefore, the church of Martha Luther has allowed for Friday’s Muslim prayers to be conducted there. Charges to be brought against the Mexican embassy The Mexican embassy had showed its support towards the homosexual community following the International Pride Day three days ago. Due to this, the organization named “combat homosexuality in younger generations” is said to bring charges against the embassy for “showing support for a crime.” Council of Ministers has approved the highest federal budget The budget is to be the total budget for the federal government in 2013 E.C. This high budget of 470 billion was approved to balance the economic impact due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has decreased this year’s estimated GDP of 9% to 3%. The federal budget for the Ethiopian year of 2012 was 387 billion. In contrast to 2011 E.C, it has a difference of 40 billion birr. The federal budget of the Ethiopian year 2010 is 321 billion birr which is lower by 26 billion birr from 2011. Loans and aids will consist of a higher percent of the budget for 2013 E.C. 20% of the budget, which is about 100 billion birr, is expected to be from loans. It is feared that there will be a gap in the budget. Steps that will be taken to fill the gap may cause inflations. Studies show Hydrochloroquine drug is unsafe President Donald Trump had announced recently that he is taking Hydrochloroquine (a drug used to treat malaria) to prevent contracting Coronavirus. Studies done over 671 hospitals over six continents that involved 96,000 patients have concluded that the drug is not ideal to combat the virus. Out of these 96,000 patients, 14,888 had been given the drug and showed to have higher risk of death than the 81,112 patients who were not given the drug.


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