Hacks using petroleum jell


Petroleum jell is what we usually refer to as Vaseline. Here are a list of 15 thing you can use petroleum jell for; to make your life easier.


  • Soften lips: Its used to soften dry lips.  
  • To heal lips: It can also be used as a scrub by mixing with sugar and applying on our lips. You can clean it with a tissue or wash it off This can remove and heal dead skin cells on lips. Different things we consume can darken our lips. Using this technique at least twice a week can help avoid this. 
  • If you’re finding it difficult to wear earing on your piercing, apply jell on it. It will slip right in after that. 
  • Removing rings: Sometimes rings get stuck on our fingers. If we apply Vaseline gently, we can take off our rings easily 
  • For growing eyelash: If you want your eyelashes to grow apply the jell on it every day before bed. Only wear small amount
  • Highlight: if you want to wear highlight make up, put Vaseline on your face first, the apply the make up. This will make your face glow.
  • Enhancing perfume: To make the perfumes you wear last long still smelling good,  apply petroleum jell under your ear. Then wear your perfume
  • Enhancing perfume: another trick to make your perfume last longer is, to put Vaseline on your writs and massage it.
  • To fix hair endings: If you are in a hurry to leave to work or school but your hair ending is messed up, you can simply dab a moderate amount of jell on it. It will give your hair a glowing look
  • Removing make up: If you want to remove any make up from your face, apply Vaseline then take an ear cleaner and clean the make up off your face. You can observe it is cleaned smoothly. This the most easily and cheap method there is. 
  • Fix nail polish container: sometimes our nail polish containers get stuck and we can’t pen them easily.  To fix this, put small amount of jell around it opening area. 
  • Make lip gloss: take 2 spoon of Vaseline and put it on a microwave friendly container, take an old lipstick or a lipstick you don’t like and add a small portion of it. Then put it in the microwave for 20 seconds. You will find a melted lip gloss that looks great. Put it in a container you want a use it. 
  •  Treat our nose: when we have caught cold, because of the frequent wiping of our nose, our nose tends to get dry. To prevent this you can use Vaseline on your nose
  • Caring or our feet: before bed apply petroleum jell on your heels, wear a sock on. When you get up in the morning your feet will feel very smooth
  • Removing hair dye:  when we dye our hair, the dye can move to our skin and stain it. So, before dying your hair, apply Vaseline on areas that might be affected. Because the dye will drip on the Vaseline it will be easily removed when you wipe it off



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