Henna for fast and healthy hair growth


Henna is a popular hair treatment ingredient worldwide for centuries, in this article I will try to describe the benefits and the best possible way to use henna to get the most out of it.

Generally, henna is a very important treatment option for those who have fragile and thin hair. And it’s always better to mix henna with tea because it will make your hair stain faster as well as the caffeine in the tea and henna will boost hair growth by stimulating hair follicles.

Let’s see the benefits and how we can use henna one by one:

∆ Henan if it is used properly it thickens the hair and makes the hair stronger. It also provides good health to the head because of its natural anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory property it will lead to fast and healthy hair growth.

∆ Since henna has a small caffeine content it stimulates pigment cells of the hair. Giving the hair good oily appearance as well as it prevents the early onset of grey hair growth.


∆ for those who have damaged hair with the use of other dyes and hair softener using henna with other protein-containing supplements helps restore their hair. How to use this:

1. 4-5 spoon of henna, 1 avocado, and one egg. Mixing these ingredients with tea and water then applying to your hair and washing your hair with cold water after 3hr and applying hair oil immediately will make your hair smooth and stronger.

2. 3-4 spoon of henna, 5 spoons of olive oil and 1 avocado, mixing these three with water and tea and applying it to your head and hair for 3hr and washing it with cold water and applying hair oil will give you smooth stronger and oily hair.

3. 4-5 spoon of henna and 2 spoons of cocoa powder, these two with water and tea and applying it to your hair and washing it after a while, the Cocoa moisturizes the head and stimulates the hair follicles. So using this mixture will give you smooth hair and facilitates the growth of your hair.


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