How to know when a woman isn’t in to you


Some guys assume that a woman likes them by the way she is behaving around them. If a woman is friendly, and have a good laugh around them or if they believe she is being available to be with them. Men take these things alone and confuse it with attraction.

Which they end up getting hurt or upset when asking the women out and not get the response they were excepting or getting a rejection. Because such things as getting close or holding hands or going to places together ends up creating a miscommunication. So here are some tips to help you identify if she is or not in to you.

1. She won’t be available much: this might be considered in person or over the phone. if a girl is into you she will always pick up your phone whenever and where ever it is and however busy she might be. but if it is the other way around your call will not be responded eagerly. If it’s for someone she loves whatever the cost is she will she will be willing to take the risk and answer the call happily. When the meeting is in person and if she likes you, she will find ways to spend time alone with you hence she will find her comfort that way. but if not, she may bring along her friends as a sign of saying she doesn’t have such feelings.

2. She addresses you as a friend: she calls you as her friend or label you as a brother that is to give you a sign. Women leave signs in the little details your job is to pay attention and know when it’s a friendship or not. So, pay attention to the word ‘myfriend’. Otherwise she give hints by being very friendly lovingor shy.

3. She will show lack of interest: the other way of telling she is not in to you is by the ways of interest she is portraits during conversations. she won’t carry the conversations or keep the talk going rather she tries to keep it to the minimal by responding in short words and such. Her other way of hinting for you to stop the conversation and to quit trying.



4. Treat you the same as her friends: if you have plans to meet up she will show up the same way she does with her friends,carelessly and in simple with lack of caring way. Might be in her appearance, the way she talks, because a woman wants to look her best self when meeting with someone she loves.

5. Just because she laughs around you doesn’t mean she is in to you: This mainly depends on her behavior if she is friendly she might get close to you freely without thinking too much in to it .so pay attention to her behavior and know if she does thesethings because of interest towards you or because it’s just her character.

6. Are you the one making the first moves? It might be meetings, hangouts or even calls if you are the once who is always taking the initiative then that is a clear sign also.

7. If she tries to match make you up with another person: girls usually do this if they get the feeling you are in to them but don’t feel the same way as you do. and this is their way of telling you to be with someone else than hurting you. 

So don’t build your house up be wise and observant and avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding try to get the right message from the fire and avoid getting hurt.


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