How to know when your man is being unfaithful

How to know when your man is being unfaithful
Unfaithfulness is the most common reason for divorces all over the world. You may have noticed a few behavioral changes in your spouse and may suspect that he is cheating. Here are some psychologically proven signs that a man is cheating which will help you reach a conclusion. 1. He starts to pay attention to what he wears. if he was not the type to care much about what he wears and suddenly starts to get well-dressed when he leaves the house, it is possible that they is another woman he is trying to impress. You may notice a recent attention to what perfume or watch he wears, or to keeping his body fit. 2. He changes his passwords. It is not uncommon for spouses to know each other’s phone or social media passwords if there are any. If you notice that he had suddenly changed his phone, social media or gallery password, had started to spend hours on his phone or he starts leaving the room to receive calls, you should suspect that he is seeing another woman. 3. He criticizes you. If he is indeed cheating, he will not be able to control his guilty conscious. He will pick up reasons to argue or fight with you. He finds reasons to criticize and belittle you for your gestures. 4. Sex becomes less frequent. One of the clearest signs that he is cheating is less frequent sex. When a man is giving all his attention and energy for another woman, he will not have any left for you. He starts ignoring you and makes up excuses not to have sex when you try to initiate it. 5. Unknown expenditures. In a marriage both partners know of each other’s income and expenditures. If you have started to notice a recent drop in the amount in your bank account and he has no satisfying explanation for it, you can conclude that he is spending that money to impress the other woman. 6. He avoids confrontations. When you’ve finally built up your case and decide to confront him he will avoid it. He will not answer your questions directly and will make you feel guilty for questioning or suspecting him in the first place. As a side note, you must prepare your mind to be willing to accept what is coming. Ask yourself if you are ready to look beyond this and forgive him or if you want to call it quits.


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