How to Maintain Distance Relationships


Because of school, work or other reasons many couples are obligated to live distances apart or separately.  Being a woman is wisdom, love, knowledge. Many say a woman is a crown, 

How to sustain a distance relationship.

Many believe that distance relationship can be challenging. Not being able to think future plans or trust issues affects the base of a relationship. When the situation of living apart arises it’s not small in number those who break the relationship. 


on the other hand there are those who fight to sustain it. And there are those who managed the distance and remained together, and others who failed. Now a days thanks to technology communicating mechanisms is everyway which is advantageous for these couples, Like phone, Facebook, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and IMO. The question lies in how long can one sustain only by these means? Considering how physical connection in love plays a huge role raises a question on electronic communication. 

When taking about distance relationship it’s is a must to consider if the couples discuss the situation beforehand. Answering questions such that when will we meet? How much do we value each other? helps couples in making future plans. Even though answering the question might not make the relationship healthy it surely helps problems arising during the distance. Some people consider maintaining distance relationship is a strength. While some move on with another person. There are some who broke and got back together when the distance is resolved. People who have gone through this situation say distance change persons character. It is hard not being able to see the person you love, and not sharing romantic moments is difficult. Some give up, but not always because love is deep. Most people assume distance relationship don’t work they are even found advising against it they argue it’s important to find another way before things got worse. 

Here are some tips to sustain a distance relationship: 

  • Trying to keep communications from being boring
  • Considering the distance as a perk, learning to live apart is a good thing. 
  • Distance help in strengthening if your relationship 
  • Setting rules to avoid unexpected mistakes (surprises) 
  • Being honest about the challenges you will be facing 
  • Building absolute trust between each other 
  • Exchanging love words, talking about the romantic experiences you shared together and will be sharing in the future.
  • Eliminating tempting circumstances 
  • Explaining to partner when special events happening and their content. 
  • Trying to minimize any suspicion rising situations 
  • To maintain the communication updating each other and enjoying similar activities music, movies and books 
  • Communicating visually by using technologies like Skype, FaceTime, or exchanging video messages
  • Visiting each other whenever you can and spend time together 
  • Setting a goal for how long the distance will last
  • Developing honesty, when suspicious and questions are raised trying to communicate about it honestly 
  • Constantly updating each other of the new thing happening about families, friends, work 
  • Staying positive about each other will increase trust between both 
  • Keeping the love, exchanging love letters, presents 

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