Interesting conversation with Activist Jawar Mohammed on current national issues


In an interview on current issues, activist Jawar Mohammed was asked if he as an affiliation with the Dr Abiy Ahmed administration. Jawar went to on to elaborate false news that been going around and his stand on the issue

”the collaboration of the front faces of the Oromo movement, namely Dr Abiy, Ato Lemma and me, is a threat for our enemies. They want us to collide. We can take the 1975 Revolution as a good example. The leaders of the Revolution were Ato Senay Like, Haile Fiddha and Bahru. There enemies strived to create disagreement between then and they succeed. 


Abiy is an Oromo leader and the prime minister as well, but as activist I will criticize him as I see fit. He Is the leader of the change but some want to kill his spirits and create tension between the three of us. A month back rumors were spread about Abiy and Lemma were in disagreement. When a picture of the two of them at ‘Eteya’ appeared, the rumors died.

They want the three of us to be in conflict. But their issue isn’t with me or Lemma or Jawar individually, its with the Oromo people. Knocking down the front face of the movement is a well known strategy of theirs. Again taking an example from the1970s, Haile fidda, was an outstanding individual who came up with a tremendous amount of ideas to bring lots of changes. He was attacked and finally killed because of his activities. They would win if the three of us destroyed each other. But that won’t happen. Because, we have learnt from history and we’re not such fools. Abiy as a leader of the country has a responsibility, me as an Oromo activist have a responsibility to fight for the right and benefit of the Oromo people; from whatever race the government appointed official is. But the fight will rather be synergistic and will not hinder ongoing changes in the country.

The amount of disregard there is for Oromo people is one advantage for us. They think we’re fools who are blindly driven. But that's not true; we have learned a lot from our enemies, the world and our own leaders. History won’t repeat itself.


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