Lebanese government officials’ resignation


Lebanese government officials’ resignation

Following the explosion in Beirut that had killed 200 and left 200,000 homeless and 110 missing, the Lebanese government administration has resigned. The explosion was caused by irresponsibly stored 2,750 liters of Ammonium Nitrate for extensive amount of time. Protests have erupted following this explosion with the public claiming that it was caused by neglect of government officials. The current government was a replacement of the one that had resigned a year ago after mass protests.

Division within many political parties in Ethiopia

It has been witnessed that many Ethiopian political parties have been dealing with internal divisions. The current situation of the OLF stands as a proof of that. In a press conference held at Hilton Hotel in Addis Ababa, the OLF demanded for its incarcerated members and officials to be released. However, Dawud Ibsa, the chairman of the OLF, stated that the press conference was held without acknowledgement from the rest of the party. He mentioned how the vice chairman of the OLF denied knowledge of the press conference yet somehow attended it, which goes to show that there is a big plot being worked against the party. Ato Dawud claimed that the government is trying to infiltrate the party as it has proved to be quite a challenge.


Medrek, a joint party of many smaller parties such as ESDP and OFC, is also one of the parties witnessing division. ESDP accuses OLF of trying to forge alliances with other parties that the ESDP is not aware of in the name of Medrek and stated that it cannot continue working with the OFC. Medrek was founded 10 years ago with the combination of 8 member parties.

Tic Toc donates testing kits to Ethiopia

The beloved and Chinese owned social media Tic Toc has donated 100,000 testing kits to Ethiopia. Dr. Liya Tadesse has stated that this move will enhance the country’s testing capacity and expressed gratitude on behalf of Ethiopia. the Chinese government has supported Ethiopia since the start of the pandemic and such collaborations in the future are deemed hopeful.


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