Lemon to boost your immune system


Especially in this time of coronavirus pandemic, the role of our immune system is priceless. As more reports from doctors are telling us people who are recovering from the disease are those with strong immunity.

Various nutritionists say that vitamin c is very important in stimulating and strengthening our immunity. Lemon has a high concentration of vitamin c as well as potassium and folate. So adding lemon to ours and our family’s diet is essential in boosting our immunity and preventing disease and making our recovery fast.

Let’s list some health benefits of lemon:

1. For throat and upper airway infections.

Lemon is one of the most important fruits that are used to treat these infections. Since lemon has a high anti-bacterial effect when you get upper airway and throat infections drinking lemon juice with water or with tea can treat your illness. As many experts tell us lemon can also be used with 2 pieces of garlic and hot water to treat asthma and other airway problems.

Lemon is a good treatment option for those who suffer from high fever. When you experience high body T°, sweating, and chills drinking lemon juice with hot water will help you get a relive from the fever as well as protects your body from debilitating by high T°.

Lemon juice when it is mixed with an equal amount of hot water and honey helps in relieving coughing and sneezing. It also helps in preventing more severe throat infections.

4. For viral infections.


Due to its high acid content lemon helps remove viruses which cause the common cold and other airway infections so drinking lemon juice with hot water or tea every morning is a very good way to fight viral infections.

5. For the cardiovascular system.

Since lemon is rich in potassium which is important in keeping our hearts and vessels healthy using lemon frequently is very important. It’s also important for the health of the brain and peripheral nerves.

6. To boost our energy.

Due to lemon’s importance in boosting the digestive system, it helps us get the most out of what we eat. It also helps remove useless fat and gives us good posture and helps keep us energetic.

Lemon is the most important fruit that helps us maintain good health. so especially at this time, it should be used more frequently in order to keep our immunity in good shape.

7. For addiction

Drinking lemon with cold water boosts our energy and refresh our body. So it’s the easiest method to get our selves out of morning coffee and tea addictions.


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