Mensur Jemal speaks to Yeneta tube: I will be president in 15 years


Mensur Jemal, a business man and supported of Dr. Abiy has stated that he would like to become president in the next 15 years. He claimed to never have called himself king on social media and does not consider himself a politician. He expressed his love and support for Dr. Abiy stating that the PM works for the entire country and is truly Ethiopian.

Mensur also explained that he had to leave the country due to personal and political reasons. He claimed to have experienced threats against him due to his hometown and upbringing. When asked what he would provide if he were given a chance to be a president, he stated he had experienced poverty and hunger and promised to do everything in his power to feed and support the Ethiopian people.


“I am a good businessman.” Mesnur stated “and in a few years time I’ll have the capacity to provide thousands of people with food.” He also said that he had always imagined himself being a leader and this is not just a newly found purpose. “leadership requires knowledge and I plan to get educated in the following years to come.” He also explained how all parties must negotiate and have discussions to provide good leadership and ensure long lasting peace in the country. “by the year 2021, I shall have an international NGO and I plan to do a lot of good deeds for my people” he said. “I hope the people will recognize my deeds but if I do not get the opportunity to become a president, I will still be happy because of the good things I plan to do.”


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  5. The primary role of a leader of a country should not be to feed the people. Itis rather to facilitate policies, good governance, means and support for the people in order to work hard and feed themselves first and to contribute for the sustainable development and all rounded growth of the country. Better to amend your mission statement by “to support people to feed themselves”.