Merhatsadik Mekonnen on Dam concerns

Merhatsadik Mekonnen on Dam concerns
Ethiopia and Egypt are not neighbors but they are both within the Nile basin. 86% of the water that flows into the Nile comes from Ethiopia. The rest 14% comes from Lake Victoria. Through private agreements with Sudan, Egypt was able to control almost all of Nile for almost a century now. Even though it is a fact that the Egyptian lands do not contribute a single drop of water to the Nile, Egyptian politicians, through their media preach to the people that Nile is theirs and only theirs.
Although Egypt has aquifers that could last the country for at least 500 years, it still chooses to threaten and dispute with upper Nile basin countries. Egypt lays its claim based on a 120 year old agreement signed by Ethiopia and the British Empire which had different translations in two languages and excluded Egypt. On May 17, 1929 an agreement was signed that excluded all the upper Nile countries and granted 80 billion cubic meters of Nile waters to Egypt and 4 billion cubic meters to Sudan. In 1959, another agreement that was signed concerning Aswan Dam granted more share of water to Sudan which became 18.5 billion and Egypt was granted 55.5 billion cubic meters of the 84 billion cubic meters of Nile waters.
After 10 years of agonizing debates, the negotiations that were started in 1999 were put to an end in Entebbe, Uganda in 2010. The resolution pleased the upper Nile basin countries but Sudan and Egypt did not find it satisfying so they made it their goal to hinder the approval and integration of the new shares into the countries’ laws.
On April 21, 2011, Ethiopia announced that the Renaissance Dam was to be built completely by Ethiopians without foreign aids or loans. Egypt has since tried to hinder the construction of the dam through threats and other means. An unbinding agreement was signed in Khartoum on March 23, 2015 that stated that the countries work out their negotiations within 15 months.
Even though Egypt loses 10-12% of its current water shares of the Nile once the dam is filled, this does not contradict the International trans-border waters agreement. Egypt could compensate this loss using its aquifers.


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  1. ኢትዮጵያ አባይን የመጠቀም መብት አለት ምንም ይሁን ምንም ይምጣ ከማሳካት ውጭ ወደኋላ አንልም።

  2. if that’s how it is
    And you are talking about underground water in the land of Egypt
    So why does Ethiopia waste 196 billion cubic meters of rain annually?
    No one here says that the Nile is ours alone
    You claimed that – we came to your land in 2015 and we said literally:
    We carry the good for your peoples and our peoples
    Is it logical for Ethiopia to sign an agreement with Britain? Each side carries its own translation!