Mistakes men usually make during make out


Our discussion today will be on what girls don't say much on but mistakes made by guys during make out. knowing the right way of making out says much about you, it might mend or break your chance to love. making out the proper way may chance the mood an have a high chance of changing a NO to YES.  The best lovers are not those who are gifted in nature but rather those who knows how to make a women feel she is special, bear this in mind.

1.On this list the first is too much tongue activity. 

at the very beginning of the make out if you go right for the throat it definitely will kill the mood. not only does it show rushing it is also severely disgusting. so it is better to leave cleansing the mouth to the tooth pastes. if you have to use tongue it can be done slowly and with time. within the first 30 seconds there mustn't be any tongue involvement and it is very unnecessary to use the tongue the first date. 

2. not biting the lips: 

the way you spent on lips says something about the way you love. if you bite the lips from inside out you might lose your chance of kissing the girl overall. so instead of biting the lips you can save it for other parts of the body. biting can only be acceptable if it is playfully to turn heron on the bed. 

3.compression while making out: 


there is a fine line between compression and smooth holding. while holding her tightly close to you during make out is admirable compression is not. if you are horny and have stayed in a relationship for longer time then it might be allowed but if it is a new aspiring relationship and if she finds being grabbed on her ass on the first go right when she is just getting close to kiss you then it is a farewell to you. 

4. intervening the lips. 

This means you shouldn't allow to weakening the lips and letting it sit uselessly. you shouldn't be intertwining this word to you at all. a cold kiss may send a message of – lack of interest -lack of feeling – lack of bravery. and this three this are not wanted on your love life. 

5. licking her lips like a dog: 

this too is better left for other parts of her body. it definitely is not the right way to disgust her. always taking things slowing and calmly making her want you more is better. 

6. Rushing: 

Right when she turns to say her goodbye if you went in for a kiss and plastering on her lips is not a very good idea. even though a sudden kiss might get you a bonus point but it is not to the point where you hit her on the head or even make her drop her phone out of shock.


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