Must know signs of kidney disease


1. Irregular urination: this is the first sign of kidney disease. It is the change or the abnormality of urination from color of the urine to the duration of gaps. If you have to get up multiple times during the night to urinate, if the color of urine has darkened and if it gets difficult to urinate, it could indicate a dysfunction of the kidneys so it is best to consult a doctor.

2. Swelling of body parts: when the kidney is not functioning properly, it causes the waste material to not be removed and stored in the body which in turn causes swelling in parts like face, arms, hands, ankles etcetera. 

3. Tiredness and fatigue: dysfunction of the kidney causes anemia. Anemia in the body causes unexplainable tiredness and extreme fatigue which is a major sign of kidney disease. 

4. Dizziness: anemia caused by kidney malfunction can bring on dizziness. That is because enough blood does not reach the brain. Light headedness and loss of balance are one of the major signs of kidney disease. 

5. Back pain: if the kidney is not functioning properly it could bring on joint pain, back and side pain. 


6. Cracking of skin and itching: the skin becomes very sensitive from the dysfunction of the kidneys because the waste materials and fluids of the body would not be removed and would be stored in the body. That leads to irritation, rashes and itching. 

7. Bad odor of mouth: the increase in urea in the blood system which is caused by kidney dysfunction brings on a metallic taste in mouth and ammonia like smell. 

8. Nausea and vomiting: nausea especially in the mornings vomiting and loss of appetite are good indicators of kidney disease. 

9. Depression: constant and unexplainable depression can be caused by the dysfunction of the kidney. Aside from nauseas and back pain, if someone feels cold even on a warm day, it could be a major sign of kidney disease and must consult the doctor immediately.

10. Shortness of breath: this is one of the last but not very least indicators of kidney disease. Shortness of breath arises from the amount of fluid that is stored in the lungs which was unable to be removed by the kidney. When this and the above signs are observed it is best to have a check up immediately.


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