Medical student found dead at Tikur Anbessa hospital lab

Newly reported cases increase dramatically
Through its 78th report the Ministry of Health announced that out of 4,352 lab tests done in the past 24 hours, 30 new cases have been found; 22 of which are male and 8 are female, all within the ages of 9 to 60. This raises the total number of infected to 731. 15 were found in Addis Ababa, 2 from Tigray, 8 from Amhara and all have travel history, 1 from Oromiya, 3 from Harari. In total, 11 of the newly found cases have travel history, 5 had direct contact and 14 do not have any known contact. 14 have recovered, raising the total number of recoveries to 181.
Medical student found dead at Tikur Anbessa hospital lab
Haymanot Bedada, a post graduate medical student of 27, was found dead at Tikur Anbessa hospital lab on May 26, 2020. She was at the lab working on her research at the time of her death. The victim received her first degree from Mizan Teppi University in Clinical Pharmacy and had served as a lecturer there. Police are investigating the exact cause of her death.
Racist cop suffocated black man to death
FBI has stated that it is investigating the case of George Floyd, another black man killed by police brutality. Videos taken at the scene and viewed and shared by millions on social media show a white police officer suffocating a man who had not resisted arrest to death. George Floyd is seen on the video begging for his life saying “I can’t breathe” and “please, don’t kill me”. Police wanted to arrest this man accusing him of forgery. Minneapolis senator commented that the actions of the police were wrong in all aspects and being black does not have to be a death sentence in America. The four police officers at the scene were all fired and may face charges.
Coronavirus in Africa
The leading country with the number of cases is South Africa with 24,000 infections and over 500 deaths. In second place is Egypt with 18,000 infected and 790 dead. Algeria is in third place with 8,600 infections and 600 dead. Nigeria follows with 8,300 infected and 200 deaths. Morocco comes next with 7,577 infected and 200 dead.


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