ODP & ADP are trying to acquire land in Gambella region


People originating from ODP & ADP have reportedly been trying to accumulate land resources located in Gambella region. 

Since 2003, in 5 regions, including Gambella, 3-million-hectare land has been acquired by the federal government for agricultural development purposes. Gambella region all on its own had 1 million hectares of land. 

From 472 entities who were presented with an opportunity to develop land funded by Ethiopian development bank as a loan, 126 were working on Gambella region. The fund Development bank supplied was 3 billion which has now become 7 billion including interest. From this, 1.64 was funded for developers in Gambella. (2 billion interest included)


Hence, why is the land in Gambella a major interest of ODP & ADP officials? 

Since the previously arranged land and find haven’t been fruitful, these officials started negotiations with Gambella region officials. 

The initial plan was to give the land to both Oromia and Amhara region investors. But when disagreements between ODP & ADP stated arising, ODP independently started its own negotiations.

ODP officials appointed in Oromia region and federal government talked with the president of Gambella Mr Omad Udulu and other cabinet members. The discussion ended with the willingness of the Gambella regional admiration to assign the land for ODP and ODP was asked to make necessary arrangements.  It hasn’t been identified whether The fund to cover this cost will be covered by the investor themselves or other loan. Until this day, the request to own the land was not official accepted. The reason being, even though the land is not being used for development it is still owned by certain individuals. These individuals claim the development is not being done because development bank hasn’t provided the promised fund. This show there are unfinished issues with the current owners of the land. Hence, the Gambella administration as they have reported, will cause legal complications which was why they could not accept ODPs offer. 

TPLF also has arranged to acquire land in Gambella region of investors of Tigray origin.   

A controversial claim was made saying all the familiarity was caused by one group originating from a certain region. But 27 thousand hectare of land was acquired by the indian company BHO who has disappeared since then. Another Indian company name Karaturi also acquired 100 thousand hectares of land and because of its inadequacy the land was taken away from them. 

Unlike before the Gambella region will not easily give up its land for other regions. During the Meles administration, regional land was distributed to other regions by the federal government, which was an unconstitutional practice. But in 2009 this practice was banned and put out of practice.  


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