Palm reading traditional or scientific


There are people who say by reading the palm of a person they can tell about that person. Some even make a living out of it. It might sound like a fraud and unscientific, but science have identified there is some truth to it. For example, one man’s ring finger and pointer finger tell about the persons features and the size of his penis.

There is what the traditional palm reading says and what science tell us about palm reading in relation to health and features.

Traditional palm reading: The first thing in palm reading is choosing which palm to read; if you are looking to know about your career path and social life start by looking the palm you frequently use that is if you are right handed that and if left the left. 

And if you are interested in learning about personal relationships, feeling and your dreams start by looking at the less frequently used hand. If your palm lines are hard to read try looking under a bright light. As palm readers say line that are not visible is the areas one needs more working on but if it is a deep line it means the situation related to that has a deep effort put it. The three main lines on the palm are the mind, the heart, and the life line. 


The mind line: if this line found in between the other two lines is short line it means you are a quick thinker and you reach a decision rather faster. If the mind line is longer and reaches almost the small finger then you are an overthinker and it takes you time to reach a decision. If the line is separated in to two it shows you care for others and you are likely to understand things from others perspective. This means you change your values frequently. If the line is long and goes all the way down at the end of your palm you have a creative mind.

The heart line: if this line is long and straight you are rational and are considerate to others perspective. And others admire this quality. and if it’s short and straight that ends between pointer and middle finger you are a freedom seeker. You are not one to show love with words rather through actions. And if it is long and curvy ending between middle and pointer fingers you are guided by your needs and feelings and it doesn’t bother you if anyone is aware of it.  If it is short and curvy ending a centimeter lower than the middle finger you are reserved and prefer a small gathering than a crowd and are likely to express yourself through one to one conversation. If you have one or two x signs on the outer palm you have gone through a sever betrayal. And if the line separates in to two you have the tendency of neglecting your feelings to please others. 

The life line: if it is long and curves over the thumb and ends at the beginning of the palm you are a reliable person and if it is short and ends in the middle of the palm you are one to immerse yourself in work on hard times. If it is a soft line it means you enjoy having fun and relaxing through exercises as yoga, meditation, walking or taking time to play.

Cracked line: every cracked seen on the line shows that you have been broken having an effect on your major life decisions and an experience that scars you.

The scientific approach: And the science says hence these lines are there since the first stage of pregnancy it predicts the health and growth of the infant. Example: the difference in length between the pointer and ring finger are signs for behavioral differences. A person whose pointer finger is longer than the ring finger has a handsome and attractive feature, likely to be more sports man, longer penis, and have many numbers of kids than the other one. And is subjected to heart disease and schizophrenia but unlikely to be affected by ADHD. A study on little kids shows the ability of restraining behavior. Those with shorter pointer have a resistive character. Another study shows similarity between both hands is considered a good sign hence having an active sperm cell. And those with different fingers are subjected to depression.


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