Petition to UN about the dam


Ethiopians have started a petition for the grand renaissance dam to the UN that opposes the pressure Egypt is trying to put on its construction. The petition starts by stating historical feats that make Ethiopia special in the eyes of the international community such as resistance to colonization and being a refuge for all people since the time of Prophet Mohammed. The petition states three points that the international community must understand as follows.

1.Ethiopia as the birthplace of the Nile has every right to use this resource and does not need permission from any other country. The country is looking forward towards the dam’s completion and is willing to sacrifice anything to see it through.

2.The country never had an intent to harm the lower basin countries

3.The country’s request to use this resource fairly should be seen as a stand against colonialism in this age. Ethiopia will not accept the claims of Egypt based on colonial treaties.


In related news, Sudan has submitted a position paper to the UN Security Council. The negotiations that had started through the request of Sudan on June 9th were halted due to disagreement on legal issues. However, the three countries have been able to come to terms on the technical issues. Sudan suggests that the filling of the dam should not be started unless all three parties come to an agreement as the safety of Sudan’s dams relies on the safety of the Grand renaissance dam. Ethiopia, however, decided the filling will start on July whether the three parties come to an agreement or not.

The National Electoral Board declined elections in Tigray

Tigray has requested to the National Electoral Board to hold regional elections taking vast safety measures against the COVID19 pandemic. The National Electoral Board has declined this request in regard to the current pandemic and situation in the entire country. The board has the responsibility of setting calendar for election, registry of candidates, etcetera and stated that elections will be held 9 months after the pandemic is declared no longer a threat to the public.


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  1. We 65% of ethiopian people have no elctricity and Egypt want to foce ethiopia to accept colonel agreement which ethiopia part of it

  2. The dam is an icon for Ethiopian and a benefite for the people of Ethiopia who are suffered with pure water and electric consumption at the same time it had never harm the neighbour countries like Sudan as it protect the people from a sudden harm. Therefore we should fill the dam for the sake of our region.

  3. It is Ethiopian sovereign right to build dam and use Nile water for whatever purposes within its territory as others do so wherever in the world.

  4. Most of Ethiopian people live with out electricity but 98%of Egyptians have got electricity
    We Ethiopian need light we need change .

  5. 65 millions poor Ethiopian lives with out electricity while ? % of Egyptian have access to power it’s about time to stop pressing Ethiopia to accept unjust colonial treaty.

  6. The late Meles Zenawi already make it clear that the Dam belongs to Ethiopians. The name should be changed to Grand Meles Dam (The GMD)
    We Ethiopians are united and stand as one for defending our dam and Egypt should understand our full right!

  7. Sure ethiopia living since years under poverty and GERD is our prime concern to see finished. To my Knowledge GERD will not hurt others like Egypt rathers helps in removing sedimentation

  8. Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the pictures
    aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its
    a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both
    show the same results.