Police reports on murdered girl at Tikur Anbessa hospital lab

Police reports on murdered girl at Tikur Anbessa hospital lab
The 27 year old was found with multiple stab wounds on May 26, 2020 at 5:00 P.M. with her phone, laptop and cheque for 5,000 birr missing. Police have arrested 4 suspects in relation to the murder investigation. The victim Haymanot Bedada was born and raised in Metehara and her family had recently moved to Adama. She graduated from Mizan Teppi University in 2017, worked as a lecturer at the university and moved to A.A for post graduate studies. Ato Bedada Feyisa, the victim’s father stated that he was not able to reach her until he got a call from a bank claiming the cheque he gave to his daughter was cashed out which made him suspicious. He, along with the police, found her body after her advisor tried to contact her sister to ask of her whereabouts.
The Ethiopian synods sent a warning for its followers
His Holiness Abune Yoseph, secretary of the Ethiopian orthodox synods, has stated that the recent increase in infections due to the Coronavirus should persuade people to stay home and said that people should listen to medical experts and carry out the necessary precautions. The synods stated that prayers do not necessarily have to be inside the church; people can pray at home as well.
Morocco about to confiscate Sheih Mohammed Al-amoudin’s property
Sheih Al-amoudin had a 67% share in Samir Oil Storage tanker which after being 45 billion Moroccan Dirham in debt, went out of business which took away the jobs of 867 employees. After years of court debates that formerly ruled in the favor of returning the property to its share holders, it was decided for the Moroccan government to take over the property. The 6 share holders including Al-Amoudin were forbidden from doing any other form of business in Morocco.
Current status of the pandemic
U.S.A- 21,000 infected and 1,100 dead in 24 hours
South Africa- 25,937 total infected and 552 dead
Egypt-1,127 infected and 29 dead in 24 hours (highest recorded) 20,793 total infected and 845 dead
Algeria-8,000 total infected and 630 dead
Nigeria- 8,700 infected, 254 dead
Morocco- 7,643 infected, 202 dead
Ethiopia 831 total infected, 7 dead, 100 infected in 24 hours


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