Reasons why to stop consuming soft drinks


In the US, a person on average consumes 126 grams of sugar daily which is the equivalent of consuming 25 teaspoons of sugar daily. It should be a concern if we take soft drinks on a daily basis and not once in a while. These drinks are not just harmful on their own, but when we take them alongside meals we would not get the proper nutrients that we would get from other drinks like milk. Here are some health issues that may arise from consuming too many soft drinks. 

  1. Kidney failure: in a Harvard university research that involved 3300 women and took 11 years, researchers have discovered that twice the consumption of soft drinks was directly related to dysfunction of the kidneys. 
  2. Inner lining of the beverage can: the chemical that is used in the manufacturing of the inner lining of the beverage can called BPA has been known to be harmful or toxic towards consumers especially children and infants. 
  3. Caramel dyes: artificial caramel dyes or colors used in these drinks have been directly linked to cancer. The dark brown dye is synthesized artificially and omits certain chemicals that have been observed to cause liver, thyroid and blood cancer in lab rats.
  4. Unhealthy calories: soft drinks are known to contain useless and unhealthy calories. Coca cola of 20 ounces or 2 cups contains 17 teaspoons of sugar and 240 calories. These calories have no nutritional value. For an average adult, it is required to talk walk for more than an hour to burn this amount of calorie. 
  5. Childhood obesity: consumption of soft drinks increases the risk of obesity in children. Every bottle of soda of soft drink increases the risk of obesity in a child by 60 percent daily.
  6. Erosion of tooth enamel: lab tests done on soft drinks have shown that the acid that these drinks contain has the ability to erode the tooth enamel. The acid in soft drinks has been observed to be of PH as low as 2.5 in comparison with battery PH of 1 and water PH of 7.
  7. Dehydration: caffeine is known to be diuretic (increases the production of urine). When cells of the body are dehydrated they are incapable of taking in nutrients. In addition the body becomes unable to remove waste. 
  8. Diabetes and heart disease: the high level of sugar in soft drinks causes pressure on the spleen which increases the chance of it being unable to satisfy the insulin need of the body. Drinking one or two bottles of soft drinks per day increases the chances of Type Two diabetes by 25 percent. Every bottle of soft drink consumed per day increases risk of heart disease by 20 percent in men. 
  9. Loss of minerals: drinks that contain phosphoric acid remove the very important calcium from the bones. After studying thousands of men and women, researchers have observed that women who had consumed three sodas per day have lost four percent of their minerals through their urine. 

Liver disease: a research done on 2634 people showed that a non alcohol related disease caused by NAFLD fat on the liver is high on people who consume


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