Reasons why you should not be sleeping on your stomach


When you sleep on your stomach your head is usually turnes to one side so the artheries closest to your spine,which transport blood to your head, are constricted. This restricts the blood flow to the brain. A lot of issues arise if the brain does not get enough oxygen from the blood especially on people with high levels of cholestrol in their blood. Sleeping in this position through the night causes fatigue in the morning. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not sleep long hours on your stomach.

The second issue that may arise from sleeping in this position is the improper functioning of the respiratory system. When you sleep on your stomach, the lungs get suffocated which causes difficulty breathing. The body will also not get enough oxygen. Sleeping in this position may also damage the tissues around the chest and lung area. This may cause swelling around the chest area, especially in women. 

Another issue that may arise from sleeping on your stomach for long hours is the malfunction of the digestive system. The lack of supply of oxygen to the organs causes them to function improperly. 


The fourth issue is the facial area. Sleeping face down in this position disrupts the blood flow through the blood vessels on the face. The lack of nutrients supplied to the facial area causes skin dryness and wrinkles.

The blood vessels around the neck may also be damaged by sleeping this position for too long. This uncomfortable position causes pain in the neck area in the morning. 

This abnormal position of sleeping also puts unnecessary strain and pressure on the back bone which in due time may cause back pain and other related problems. 

You do not have to avoid sleeping on your stomach completely but change and try different sleeping positions throughout the night. Although sleeping on your back is recommended, many complain that this position causes them to snore. This breathing difficulty is due the tongue being closer to the throat. For those of you who tend to snore while sleeping on your back, it is recommended that you sleep on your side. It is also best to switch between this two sleeping positions to avoid fatigue. 


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  2. I like it,thanks but, I sleep too much in this position and I feel the above sign around neck area and back pain, what can I do ?