Responsibilities of a perfect husband;


Responsibilities of a perfect husband;

1. Being a loving husband

When I say love, it’s not just buying stuff and being in a superficial act or anything. When I say love, I mean real love. Devoted to love everything that she has, or has to offer. A responsible husband is someone who doesn’t just see his interests but who puts his wife’s needs and wants first and devote his time in building a beautiful family, providing with whatever he can to the house and being there to his family.

2. Protection

Protection in the sense that he always tries to understand her in ways that no one would. Buying expensive stuff won’t help her be secure. The security most women need is an emotional one. No matter how mad you are or how stressed you think you are, you have to consider her first.

Be patient and try to solve things in a way the suits you both.

3. Be a provider

Providing financially. Men should always work. I might add and say that it is a must for men to work. A husband without any financial security won’t be a responsible husband at all.


If and when you have children, the most preferable solution to who shall stay at home is the mother. And if that happens, money plays a big role to support both his children and wife.

4. Being Disciplined

Most men spend their time trying to impress some other people and not consider what is happening in their own home. This is common in our country.

Men with no discipline, and doesn’t respect his wife is not responsible. Most men stay up all night to drink and play while their wives are struggling to survive and support. And that is not how it should happen.

5. Be compassionate

Wives may spend more than expected at times. But when that happens you have to be patient and try to solve whatever is happening.

Men, on the other hand, have a temper. Not all, but most. Being in your nature to be mad at times you need to calm down and see what is at stake and try to fix it with a very settled mind.


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