China to mass produce COVID19 vaccines


China to mass produce COVID19 vaccines

The Beijing biological research institute and Chinese biotech group are collaborating to produce and distribute vaccines by the end of this year or the start of the next. China will be able to produce 100-120 million vaccines per year. Around 100 vaccines are being produced and tested worldwide. However, only a few have been able to pass human trials. This project is being funded by the Chinese government.

Rise in Coronavirus cases

The Ministry of Health announced through 81st report of 95 new infections from 5,034 lab tests. 71 are male and 24 are female within the age range of 15 and 80. 56 of the new cases were found in Addis Ababa, 22 in Oromiya, 1 in Afar, 5 in Amhara, 3 in Tigray, 2 in Dire Dawa, 3 in Somali and 3 in Harari. 30 people have travel history and 4 had direct contact with infected people. 61 have had unknown contact. 11 people have recovered in the past 24 hours. 2 are from Tigray and 9 from Afar.

A woman was murdered by militia

A woman was murdered in Tigray following an argument about payment with a militia. The woman died from her injury instantly and the murderer attempted to kill himself afterwards. He was unsuccessful and is now being treated in Ayder hospital under police surveillance.

Trump to cut ties with WHO


US president Donald Trump had announced that the country has cut all ties completely with the World Health Organization with accusations that the organization has misled the world and caused the death of thousands by the way it handled the pandemic. He stated that the organization had not fulfilled the preconditions set forth by the US to investigate and reform its own structure. The US had been the largest contributor to the World Health Organization by donating around 450 million dollars per year. Even though China used to donate 50 million dollars, the country made an additional funding of 2 billion dollars recently.

COVID19 cases in Africa

South Africa 29,240 infected, 611 dead

Egypt 22,000 infected, 800 dead

Nigeria 9,600 infected 260 dead

Algeria 9,134 infected 638 dead


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