Shocking New informations released about the outbreak


There is news from the United Arab Emirates the the king Mohammed Bin Saed has been infected by the virus. The Daily Saba released this information by referring to several Israeli news outlets. However no other news outlets have confirmed this claim and there are no such news in the Israeli sources. Unsurprisingly, Google has ranked the Daily Saba news outlet as a false or fake news outlet. 

In US, it was reported that 3 people a're infected by the virus in Maryland state two hours ago. Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia commonly known as DMV area are very close to each other. 

The US has announced that there are not enough test kits for the virus. Even though president Donald Trump himself had announced earlier that the the USA has spent a big budget on the preparation of the outbreak and "there's nothing to fear" the truth seems to be otherwise. Vice President Mike Pence has Tod the media that there are not enough test kits and this situation may not change anytime soon.


Another news from Iran, one of the most affected countries by the outbreak, is the shocking speech the ccountry's revolutionary military head Hasni Sali. It is well known that Iran and the US are in dispute over the murder of one of the most influential people in Iran, Khassiem Suleimani. The revolutionary military head claimed thatthat the virus was intentionally fabricated and transported toto China and then Iran. This move was made as awell biological warfare and Iran would avenge itself. However there is no evidence that the virus was made as a biological weapon by the US as the country is suffering as much as the rest of the world.

At this moment, 98,424 people have been infected by the virus and 3,386 people have lost their lives. People should get their information regarding the outiebreak from reliable sources as some news outlets are spreading false news for propaganda. There are no confirmed cases in Ethiopia however it does not mean that the virus has not entered the country. So it is best to be careful. Relatively, Africa is the least affected continent with 17 confirmed cases in Algeria, 4 in Senegal, 3 in Egypt, 2 in Nigeria, 1 in Tunisia, and 1 in South Africa. On average, the deaths have occurred in elderly people as their immunity is lower. Dr. Tewdros Adhanom has claimed that there could be more patients.

The US supermarket Cotsco has decided to ration it's supplies per person. It is now allowed for one person to buy only5 of one item. Airways have recorded their lowest number of clients and the 2020 Olympics is also cancelled due to the outbreak.


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  1. 7:48 I agree with such a devils decide not only that at the very biginning of hearing the news about the virus It & its cloth friend Israel announced as they found the medicine easly