The Drinking while Eating Dilemma


“Are there any consequences to drinking water while eating?” This question has been raised often to only get theories and myths as answers. And I will try to clear up the dilemma after this article.


Most people argue that drinking while eating is bad for health. The main points they raise to back up their argument being that it decreases the performance and strength of the Enzymes we consume, decreases our food appetite, increases the chance of obesity and disrupts the digestion system. Although only one of the mentioned reasons is actually backed by science which is us losing our food appetite. So people who crave and have appetite for food are advised against drinking during or before food.

Are there any consequences to drinking water while eating?

Researches show that on contrary to the popular belief drinking water while eating has its own benefits. The benefits being that it helps with the digestion system(unlike what they say), helps with lubricating, moderates body weight, helps absorb minerals from what we consume and in addition drinking it on an empty stomach can help with clearing out the intestine and preventing constipation. BUT... drinking cold water, especially from fridges, while eating is responsible for all the popular reasons that people raise. Despite all this, it is advised we drink sufficient water daily to take care of our health. Especially if we practice drinking in the mornings before breakfast our health status is going to improve fast. And drinking water when we feel hungry is also deemed to be beneficial unless of course you mind your appetite decreasing. If so, DON’T DO IT. Just kidding, but it depends on your preference. Another advice is that drinking before, during and after exercises is also good for health.

However, it is not advised to drink lots of water before sleep as to it is known to disrupt our sleeping cycle. Most of us will be lazy to get up and use the toilet when it kicks in which leads to us just staying there and keeping it inside that can ultimately cause Bladder Infection. Trust me, it is true. The bladder infection is not even the worst part. Doing the same thing all over again many times can even lead to Kidney problem which I wouldn’t wish upon anyone since it is the worst. So stay healthy! Oh and one last thing before I go... Don’t drink water while standing up since it will put pressure on your kidneys. This is all I have to say. Stay Healthy! And see you next time.


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