The education level of Ethiopian Government Officials


In our country education has never been a requirement for being appointed as a government official. Its even worse during the EPRDF era. Once, the late prime mister Meles Zenawi was asked why their party doesn’t have educated people. He outright answered, “All that we want is loyalty. If someone is loyal, even if he hasn’t been educated, he can even become a General.” During the 1997 election, the famous party, Coalition for Unity and Democracy was managed by highly educated professors. The Ethiopian public responded to this well. Its rumored that’s when the EPRDF officials started purchasing  certificates. 

Now, things seem to have changed. Let’s see how

1. Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed (PhD)

Abiy Ahmed was born in Agaro, Jimma. He graduated from Microlink Information College in computer science in 2001. This graduating thesis was done on the subject ‘A control system based on Microprocessor’.  In 2005, he did his postgraduate diploma education in South Africa in cryptology. In 2011, he revived his masters in transformational leadership from Greenwich University of London(international leadership institute). His thesis was done on ‘perception and practice of servant leadership in The Oromia region of Ethiopia). In 2013 Abiy Ahmed, he studied business administration in Ashland lead star university for another Master’s degree. Finally, in 2017, he studied for his PhD in the field of peace and security at Addis Ababa University.  ‘The role of Social capital in conflict resolution’ was the title of his thesis paper. 

2. Deputy Prime minister Demeke Mekonin 

Born in Wello area, Mr Demeke was moved to Chagni during the Derg reign. He finished his primary and secondary education there and Joined Addis Ababa University in the department of Biology in 1980. While he was the president of Amahara Region, he went to Britain to do his master’s degree in conflict resolution. 


3. Lemma Megersa 

Back when Mr Hailemariam Desalegn was a prime mister, Mr Lemma was rumored to be a candidate to replace Mr Hailemariam. Then, A person named Alebachew wrote an article about Mr Lemma saying he struggled to pass the higher education qualification exam and later joined Civil service college and graduate struggling. Then joined politics. But the current minster of difference Mr Lemma, Has a degree in Political science and international relation from Addis Ababa university. In the same field, he received his master’s degree from AAU. Currently he’s doing his doctoral degree. 

4. Debretsion G/Michael

Dr Debretsion was born in Tigray Shire. After joining Addis Ababa university, Debretsion withdrew to fight for his country. Then, He went t Italy to study communication technologies. In 1972, he established TPLF’s radio station known as ‘the voice of Weyane’.He then continued his study in Addis Ababa university and received his first and second degree in Electrical Engineering. After that he did his PhD at the university of London. 

5. Mr Moustefa Umer

The current president of Gambella, studied his primary in Gambella region. He passed his national examinations with remarkable grades. Thn he went on to study his secondary education in Harar. Then he studied Economics at Addis Ababa University. After serving in different government offices, Mr Moustefa won a scholarship to imperial university of London to study agricultural economics. 


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  1. Amazing. It doesn’t bother you to take time and check some minor facts when you rush to write whatever comes to your mind. Is Mustefe the president of Gambella ? What is more surprising is to see Prof share this article

  2. You made some good points there. I looked on the net
    for more information about the issue and found most
    people will go along with your views on this site.