The effect our sleeping position have


On average a person spends 1/3 f his day sleeping. sleep in addition to resting our tired body it helps in releasing toxics from our body. Some sleeping positions forbid these activities from happening. Rather it might even give one a health and mind instability. An article written on neuroscience journal says sleeping position relates to heath from our body composition to our nervous system. 

Heathy sleeping positions: 

sleeping on side: helps the mind to effectively release unnecessary thoughts states a study done at the New York university college of new science. As The researcher Dr Machen Nadya garden says by releasing these toxics we can prevent the chemical alkaloid beta that causes Alzheimer or Dementia. Due to its ability to maintain a heathy breathing mechanism assist those who have breathing problems, snoring problems, pregnant peoples. Other than this it helps ulcer acid from going back up. Even though its most suitable it’s important to fill the space between the neck and the head with a full pillow to give a full support. When talking sleeping on the side it could mean the left or the right side. Sleeping on the right side is more advantageous because it allows a heathy blood flow in the body hence aiding the heart, lung, liver to have a preferable blood addition to this people with ulcer disease are advised to sleep on the left side. The disadvantage of sleeping on the side is the pressure applied on the inner organs.


Sleeping on the back: Most people sleep in this position. It helps in resting the whole body. Diamant Steven a chiropractic Lecture New York says sleeping on the back helps ulcer acid not to go back up and to avoid back and intestine diseases. As neurologist at bulking hum clinic Dionte Gini says it is best to sleep in a star fish position than laying straight and is better to use an appropriate sized pillow. Of disadvantage of sleeping in this position snoring and nerve diseases can be mentioned. 

Unhealthy sleeping positions

Sleeping on the belly: such sleeping position causes an unhealthy bends on joints and muscles on the body. It causes an unhealthy blood flow and an unwell neck damage. A study at myoclonic shows hence sleeping in this position forces the body mass to the center of the body that is the belly it in return affects spinal. And this as a result affects the whole compositions of the body and the nervous system causing a serious damage.

Fetal Sleeping: this sort of sleeping resembles an embryo position in the womb. It may seem comfortable for the time being but highly affects the spinal cord and creates stretch between the head and the lower neck. It also affects the breathing system and skin. Specially causing a pressure on womans.  


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