The issue of traditional medicines against COVID 19


The issue of traditional medicines against COVID 19

Ever since the first COVID 19 case was found in Ethiopia, many traditional healers have put forward mixtures of herbs for trial by the government. The Ethiopian Public Health Institute has stated that each of these traditional medicines consist of 3-7 and 37 herbs, minerals and animal products in general. The constituents’ species each must be studied and researched thoroughly and no exact date has been specified for the end of the research as it takes plenty of time to study each contents. After this, safety experiments will be conducted and the mixtures will be classified based on duration of intake as short term (1 week up to 14 days), medium term (up to 28 days) and long term. Since the laboratory at the Ethiopian Public Health Institute is not suitable enough for culturing and experimenting on the strand of COVID 19, it will be done with collaboration with the National Veterinary and Health Institute at Sebeta. Adama Science and Technology University, Wolayita and Bahir Dar University have shown interest to collaborate in this cause. It should be noted that no traditional medicine in Ethiopia has been tested, confirmed to cure and been put in the market.

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology has also announced that by combining traditional and modern medicine, it has been able to get hopeful results as the medicine being tested has passed basic trials. Ethio Telecom has released the first round of the 600,000 Dollar fund it had promised to donate to this cause.


Extension of nationwide restriction under consideration

As the 5 month long nationwide restriction comes to an end, discussion has been held on Thursday 6th of August to consider the extension of the lockdown. thorough review of the reports of the pandemic will be done on August 11th and there is a possibility that the restrictions will be extended for four more months.


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