The real reason behind Keria Ibrahim’s resignation


TPLF has made sacrifices to put W/ro Keria on the council of Federation seat so that she could handle the situation of Raya and Welkayit identity concerns. The parliament, however, despite the personal interest of W/ro Keria established a separate commission to oversee these concerns.

Who is Keria Ibrahim?

W/ro Keria is one of the few female members of TPLF party. She had served as the regional civil service manager and in many other positions. Born in Asmara, she had earned her first degree in Economics and her second degree in Environmental Anthropology. She expressed that her resignation was due to not wanting to become part of a dictatorship that had tried to loop holes in the constitution in order to remain in power as members who do not agree with this have received threats from the administration.


The commission formed to oversee border and identity issues in the country has been criticized for denying the rights granted by the constitution to the Council of Federations as it only answers and reports to the Prime Minister. However, many officials state that the commission cannot pass a decision without the consent of the council. The Council of Federation consists of representatives of the 86 nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia. Each ethnicity gets one representative and if the ethnic group’s members are above one million, it gets an extra seat for every million people. That means the 29 million Oromo population gets 29 + 1 representatives, Amhara gets 19 + 1, and so on. However, regional boundaries and ethnicities should not be directly related as a large number of the population lives in other regions and Addis Ababa’s residents have not even been represented.

Two articles within the constitution allegedly written to play the ethnicity card by the former government for its own benefits have been known to clash with each other. The commission formed based on this disagreement can make decisions only if they are approved by the Council of Federation as they can be overruled.

The Council of Federation has commented on W/ro Keria’s resignation as a scheme to create an unfriendly situation by the TPLF.


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