The unexpected question Donald Trump about the Grand renaissance dam


“Why doesn’t Ethiopia use alternative power sources?” Donald Trump

The Sudanese government has once again stood by Ethiopia explain the benefit the great dam has in store for Sudanese people. 


As reported through Ethiopian and international media, Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan help a negotiation meeting at Washington DC on November 6th, 2019. But what hasn’t been widely reported is the controversial question president Donald trump asked the foreign Minister of Ethiopia, Gedu Andargachew. 

As reported by The Ethiopian reporter magazine, Donald Trump Asked all three countries various questions regarding the Nile river and the great renaissance dam. On of the questions asked was why Ethiopia is using the Nile river for power source instead of considering other power generation sources. 

Video Credit: Abel Birhanu

On the press released organized after the November 6th talk, The representatives from Ethiopia briefly explained the main issues raised on the discussion and upcoming procedures.  Mr Gedu, on the press released disclosed that different questions have had arisen from the US representatives including what the advantage and disadvantage of the Dam is to Egypt and Sudan 

From the questions Mr. Trump inquired its understood that the president have gathered inaccurate information about the Dam. The perception of Mr Trump was that Ethiopia is using the Nile River in its entirety to solely benefit from it.  Mr Gedu said, the questions Mr Trump asked gave them a great opportunity to clear up all misleading information. 

The Ethiopian foreign mister answered these questions by explaining the current condition of Ethiopia. Which is that out of more than 100 million people living in Ethiopia, 70 million don’t have access to Electric power and considering the current economic conditions of Ethiopia, the only power option for Ethiopia is natural water resource. 

Ethiopians second representative Mr Sileshi clarified on the press release that the Sudanese government in front of all involved parties has once again shower her support to Ethiopia. Although some think Ethiopia still needs to be suspicious of Sudan, the Sudanese Government have vividly elaborated the benefits of the Dam for Sudan. One of them being, prevention of frequent flooding. The construction of the dam limits the amount of water which will hence prevent flooding of any sorts caused by the Nile river and also will enable irrigation and adequate hydro power generation.  

This negotiation to settle the issues recurrently arising about the Nile river and The grand renaissance dam for once and for all will continue with 4 consecutive meetings until January 15, 2020.  If an agreement hasn’t been reached by then, based on the agreement made in the year 2008 between the three parties, third party arbitration will be conducted. 

Egypt’s request to select and arbitrator on the first meeting was denied by Ethiopia and Sudan.  

Mr Gedu all said, the meeting was successful in a sense that it did not deny the benefits Ethiopia has to get. And in the future, such direction to deny Ethiopian’s benefit will not be tolerated. 


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  1. I have been told that Egypt is totally against the dam which will affect the flow of the Great River Nile on which so many lives and livelihoods depend. Mr Trump’s question was a good one. Alternative energy source, without upsetting the neighbours, could be solar power, couldn’t it ?

    1. Panels on the hut are better than a farm. As they are on houses here. Alternate to a dam could be flow generators, as the water travels, it could turn flow paddles in the river

  2. I first learned about the dam last year and was concern about all the changing the flow of water on the rivers, dam building and the threat of the water supply of these and other countries. This is a very serious subject on that continent. . Once again our President is aware of what’s going on around the world and it was a good question .