Tips to reduce periorbital skin tanning


In this article, I will try to show you some tips that will help you reduce periorbital skin tanning.

The periorbital skin is a very sensitive skin because of that it’s a place for manifestations of several disease conditions. Small changes in this skin have the capacity to change one’s look.

√ high sun exposure

√ smoking and drinking alcohol

√ nasal allergy and asthma

√ stress

√ hypertension

√ lack of sleep is some of the causes of periorbital skin tanning.

now let’s list the homemade remedies to treat this condition

Because of its high caffeine content, it stimulates skin cells. This makes coffee an excellent method to treat tanning in the periorbital area as well as other conditions like darkened lips, acne, and dark spots.

How to use:

mixing one spoonful of ground coffee with water applying it to the tanned are then washing your face after 30 minutes. Doing this twice a week will have a very good effect.

Aloe vera is known to keep the skin moisturized, smooth, and keeps its natural color.

how to use:


Applying a small quantity of aloe vera gel to the periorbital area at night and washing your face with cold water in the morning. Repeating this process every day for 15 days will reduce the tanning.

3. Tomato and lemon

Tomato is used in abundance to treat bruised and damaged facial skin. Lemon on the other hand is used to lighten a tanned skin and remove dead cells form skin.

Taking a small slice of tomato and making it a juice and mixing it with some lemon juice and applying the mix in the tanned area and waiting for 30 minutes and washing your face afterwards. Repeating this process every other day for a month will significantly improve your condition.

Yogurt is important to keep your skin vibrant and to treat bruised skin. That is because of its lactic acid content.

How to use:

Take a small yogurt, and apply it to the bruised part the massage it for 15 minutes and wash your face afterwards. Repeating this process every day for a month will significantly reduce your condition.

Due to its high caffeine content, green tea is important in treating bruises, and swellings around the eye.

Put 2 used or submerged green tea over your eyes, then wait for 15 minutes and washing your hair. Repeating this process everyday for 10 days will significantly reduce the bruising.

6. Potatoes

Potat have chemicals that are important for our skin. Especially for oily skins using a potato scrub is recommended.

Cutting potato in a round shape and freezing it for 10 minutes, and putting it over your eyes, and massaging it for a while, and changing the potato when it gets hotter.By repeating this process 3 times a week for a month, you can significantly reduce your condition.

∆ In addition to the above mentioned treatments you can prevent this condition by avoiding the causes that are mentioned above and using appropriate skin caring agents.


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