Tips to relieve leg swelling


Causes for leg swelling include:

* Inadequate water intake

* overusing of table salt without taking enough water

* standing for a long time, walking long distances, sitting for long

* pregnancy, obesity, and other medical conditions such as kidney infection and liver disease are some of the causes.

** when leg swelling occurs in pregnancy it can be a sign of hypertension so you should consult your doctors.


1. Hanging your leg over a wall.

This tip can be used by laying on your back and hanging your leg over a wall for 30 min. Or you can also use this method by putting 3 to 4 pillows under your leg.

2. Socking your leg with warm water.


This method can be used by putting your leg in a mix of warm water and salt for 30 min. This leads to good circulation in your leg and disperses blood clots so it leads to reliving of swelling in your leg.

3. Cucumber and lemonade

Drinking a mixture of small pieces of these two after socking for 15 min is very helpful in relieving leg swelling by removing excess salt.

4. Drinking lemonade.

Drinking lemonade is not just useful for reliving leg swelling but it can also help in beautifying your skin, losing weight, and good blood circulation so you should drink lemonade often.

5. Drinking adequate water.

The use of adequate water intake for your health is priceless. Drinking adequate water relives leg swelling by decreasing the workload of your kidney and liver so you should drink 8 cups (2 liters) of water per day.

6. Eating water Mellon.

Watermelon has about 92% of water content. So eating freshly cut watermelon is a good way to treat leg swelling.

NB: Dear readers, if you tried all the above-mentioned methods and there is no change in your feet. you should consult your doctor as it can be a sign of other medical conditions.


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