Top 10 varicose veins treatment from home


A varicose vein is when your veins stretched to the point where it can’t handle to maintain blood flows. And these veins show up with a darkened color on your skin. The symptoms mostly show on the legs because people spend their time standing for a long time or sitting for a long time and that causes pressure on the lower part of the body. Another main cause of varicose vein is overweight. This symptom often happens in females than males, mostly when they get pregnant.

The most likely signs to know you have a varicose vein are as follows; darkened visible vein, folded and pumped like visible vein structures, burning and beating feelings, and pains on the specific muscles, feeling some pain when standing for a long period and others.

So, what are the top 10 effective home treatments?

1.Apple cider vinegar, helps the veins to be active, elegant flow of blood. Apply this on where there is a varicose vein and apply a slight pressure or massage it when you are about to sleep. And wash it upon waking up. Mixing 2 spoons of apple cider in a glass of water and drinking it twice a day for 15 days will help you recover fast.

2.Putting your legs on a pillow or something higher when Sleeping or lying down.

3.Exercising simple exercises as 10 – 20 minutes a day every day

4.Olive oil, helps you to deal with the burning feeling and activates the cells. Use warm water to stir the oil and massage the area. Do this for a month and before you sleep and wash it when you wake up.


5.Orange juice, olive oil, and garlic apply all these to the specific place and massage it slowly.

6.Stop wearing a hill shoe.

7.Minimize the consumption of salt.

8.Don’t stand or sit for a long period, make time to walk around the room or sit for a while if you were standing. This prevents the blood from clotting.

9.BMI/ body max index, control your weight. You can use tip number 3 to act on this.

10.Spicy red pepper, drinking one spoon of grind spicy red pepper mixing with one-half glass of water every day is one of the most effective ways of treating it. Depending on the depth of the sickness it could take from 1 to 3 months. Caution to those with a stomach illness and other related problems, this is not advisable.


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